Two months later, after Yang Caiwei's death, Pan Yue's hair turned gray overnight, and he returned to Pan's house to question his father, what did he know? Ten years ago, Yang's father was still a court captain, and Pan's father was his deputy. One day, Yang's father received a letter of report, reporting that there was a hidden rebel force in the court, and the clues pointed directly to Heyang. So Yang's father went to Heyang for a secret investigation. After returning to Beijing, he was falsely accused and sent to live in exile. Pan's father pretended not to know about the matter until he took over as Tingwei, and never let Pan Yue search for Yang Caiwei. After all, if Pan Yue hadn't found Yang Caiwei, she wouldn't have died. It was him who killed Yang Caiwei, and Pan Yue was extremely sad.

After learning that Pan Yue had gone to the Life and Death Workshop, the mastermind behind all this decided to kill someone with a borrowed knife and let Pan Yue die in Heyang. Pan Yue went to Life and Death Square alone, only to find that Yang Caiwei was already here. Pan Yue asked her to go back as soon as possible. He couldn't protect her if something happened. However, Yang Caiwei relied on Pan Yue and depended on him for life and death. Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei took a man and a woman hostage, put on their clothes and prepared to enter the infield. Yang Caiwei handed over Mrs. Chen's name card, and the two entered smoothly and saw a place where chips could be exchanged.

Yang Caiwei pretended to be Mrs. Chen, while Pan Yue pretended to be the pretty boy next to her. The two came to the private room, and soon someone beat the gongs and drums, and soon six beauties entered the stage. This competition was about to begin. It's to see who will win when fighting a wolf. Yang Caiwei gritted her teeth and cursed, but the evil wolf was already released in the audience. Yang Caiwei felt hot all over for some reason, and became a little hot and excited like everyone else here. Pan Yue noticed her abnormality and hurriedly reminded her of the purpose of coming here. Yang Caiwei took half a chip to exchange it, and Pan Yue also blended into the crowd and sang along with her. After achieving the goal, in order to avoid unnecessary complications, Pan Yue immediately pulled Yang Caiwei away from here. However, Yang Caiwei had hallucinations again, as if she saw many butterflies, and said that she was not Shangguan Zhi. Pan Yue was startled and soon discovered that there was something wrong with the tea.

Pan Yue gave Yang Caiwei the antidote. After she woke up, she thought that she had kissed Pan Yue just now and hid in the room to sober up, but was chased by someone. The other party found the chips in Yang Caiwei's hand and kept questioning her, but she accidentally fell into the wolf fighting arena. Pan Yue was scratched on the back by a wolf in order to save her. After killing the wolf, Pan Yue took Yang Caiwei and that person away. . Pan Yue recognized that he had entered the wedding room disguised as a musician a month ago and entered the wedding room in a wedding dress in the dim night. He was the one who killed Yang Caiwei. His reaction showed that Pan Yue's guess was correct. Pan Yue wanted to kill him in anger, but Yang Caiwei stopped him in time. Pan Yue guessed that he was ordered to kill Yang Caiwei, but he did not explain, and then committed suicide by taking poison.

The two of them didn't know that after they left, someone borrowed a knife to kill someone and used Pan Yue's wolf-killing dagger to kill the owner's concubine. Zhuo Lanjiang discovered that they had been framed and tipped off the two of them to leave, but Yang Caiwei insisted on staying to dissect the body. Seeing Yang Caiwei inspecting the body, Pan Yue suddenly remembered what she looked like before, but it was clearly Shangguan Zhi's death in front of him. Yang Caiwei found a Water Ripple token on the deceased. Could it be that Shangguan Zhi's death and the death of his parents were all related to the Water Ripple organization? The box has been surrounded, and the two people who fired arrows from Life and Death Square have nowhere to hide. Yang Caiwei was hit by an arrow in the abdomen.


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