Shangguan Lan returned to Beijing early in the morning, leaving Yang Caiwei a large amount of money and a maid hired overnight. These good things made Yang Caiwei feel guilty. How should she explain the truth to Shangguan Lan in the future. Shangguan Lan vacated the house and moved to the county government office. She told Pan Yue that she was going to live on the street. Pan Yue agreed, but in his mind he wanted to force her to leave. Pan Yue, who will take office tomorrow, went to the county government office today. The government officials who were gambling were shocked when they saw this. One of them was the one who beat Yang Caiwei in the first place. He told Pan Yue that there was a Protector's Office in Heyang, and the case was not important at all. What was beneficial to the four major families was the truth. Pan Yue ignored his words and asked someone to take him down as a warning to others. Yang Caiwei was watching a show, but was sent to beat someone by Pan Yue. Yang Caiwei carried the board and beat the board with all her might. Pan Yue killed the chicken to scare the monkeys and asked Yang Caiwei to come to him tomorrow.

Ling'er helped Yang Caiwei decorate the bedroom, and next to her was Pan Yue's room. She thought Pan Yue had taken the bait. In order to attract Pan Yue's attention, Ling'er helped Yang Caiwei find a set of clothes that were fully patched. When Pan Yue asked her what happened to her during her wedding, Yang Caiwei made up a few words casually, and Pan Yue asked her to assist the bookkeeper and not to leave her side without permission unless there was something wrong. Yang Caiwei followed Pan Yue, but she felt like she was being watched.

Yang Caiwei followed Pan Yue on an inspection tour, and suddenly a woman stopped the carriage in the street and insulted Pan Yue, a dog official, in public. Later, a man in gorgeous clothes came to apologize, but the woman did not restrain herself and continued to curse. Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue saw the wound under the woman's sleeve and realized that she did this deliberately to ask for help. Yang Caiwei asked Pan Yue to punish her severely. Pan Yue did not help, but guided Sun Wancai to take full responsibility for his wife's words and deeds. When the woman spoke arrogantly again, Yang Caiwei took up the law and Sun Wancai took the punishment for his wife. Someone beside him reminded Pan Yue that he was from the four major families, but Pan Yue still arrested him. This behavior was praised by the people.

When Pan Yue arrived in Heyang, many people gave him gifts, and then Pan Yue hosted a banquet for many friends. Yang Caiwei was anxious to investigate Pan Yue's crime and went to the archives to look for the file on Shangguan Zhi's death, but was told that Pan Yue had taken the file away that day. Yang Caiwei went to Pan Yue's room again. She thought she was hiding well, but in fact he had discovered her a long time ago.

Gu Yong, the master of Jishan Hall, Cai Sheng, the master of Life and Death Square, and Qing Di, the master of Baihua Palace, discussed important matters together, except for the people from Yinyu Tower. Sun Wancai was arrested, and they decided to show their friends some color. In order to get the key, Yang Caiwei went out alone. After realizing that she was being followed by Pan Yue's men, she hid and let others pester him to escape. Yang Caiwei asked Bai Xiaosheng to get a jar of strong wine for her. Bai Xiaosheng also brought news that she had found out about Lao Jiangtou. Back at the county government office, Yang Caiwei found that people from the four major families came to give gifts to friends. She listened for a while, but then she heard Pan Yue asking for a price to let Sun Wancai go.

Yang Caiwei hosted a banquet for the county government officials and asked them to get closer to Pan Yue. Ling'er took the opportunity to drink a glass of wine from Aze. After drinking for three rounds, everyone fell asleep. Yang Caiwei secretly got up and sent Pan Yue back to his room, taking the opportunity to get the key from him. Opening Pan Yue's box, Yang Caiwei found that there was a portrait of herself and Lao Jiangtou inside, as well as the case file. It said that there were water stains next to the body, and they didn't know where they came from. After Yang Caiwei left, Pan Yue, who pretended to be drunk, woke up. It is very strange why there are water stains next to the body. The next day, Pan Yue asked Yang Caiwei out and talked about how she sent him back to his room last night. Yang Caiwei didn't understand where he was taking her. Pan Yue said that he had found the robber who injured her a month ago and asked her to identify him. Yang Caiwei's theory was that she encountered a robber while driving out that day, but now it is not very valid in the face of various evidences.


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