Pan Yue let Pan Yue go visit Yang Caiwei. Seeing her skinny and frail appearance, Pan Yue felt extremely distressed. Yang Caiwei asked him how he got in. Pan Yue lied and said it was because the warden owed him a favor. Pan Yue brought some food to Yang Caiwei, but Yang Caiwei was not in the mood. The princess died in front of her, and she kept blaming herself for not saving the princess. Pan Yue comforted him by saying that the princess would never die in vain, and that person would have to pay the price sooner or later. Yang Caiwei believed that Pan Yue would definitely save her. When the time came, Pan Yue reluctantly let go of Yang Caiwei's hand and told her to wait for him.

Zhuo Lanjiang was still worried when he learned that Yang Caiwei was accused of murder. Lieutenant Jia did not reveal Yang Caiwei's identity because he was worried about troubles in the future. He asked Pan Yue to tell him that if he dared to take risks, he would be executed on the spot. Zhuo Lanjiang's hatred for Captain Jia was even deeper, and he tried to attack him secretly many times without success. Zhuo Lanjiang said that he and Yang Caiwei fell in love and wanted to see her again during the public trial, but Jia Taiwei agreed.

For Yang Caiwei, Pan Yue found many people and connections in the hope that they could help, but none of them wanted to get involved in this matter. Shangguan Lan was worried, but Pan Yue told him that Shangguan Zhi was dead. Shangguan Lan was so angry that he punched him and threatened to vent his anger on his sister, but Pan Yue did not fight back because he owed Shangguan Lan. Shangguan Lan thought Pan Yue was unwilling to save Shangguan Zhi, so Pan Yue could only tell him that Shangguan Zhi had died on the day of his wedding. Shangguan Zhi kidnapped Yang Caiwei and changed faces with her but was accidentally killed. Yang Caiwei could only continue to live as Shangguan Zhi. Shangguan Lan's eyes were full of shock, but she was unwilling to believe the truth.

Shangguan Lan came to Shangguan Zhi's room. He knew that what Pan Yue said was true, and his heart felt like a knife. Lieutenant Jia tortured Yang Caiwei and deliberately angered Pan Yue. He asked Pan Yue to interrogate Yang Caiwei in person tomorrow to see if he could still be so plausible. Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei stayed up all night and came to the court hearing. Pan's father asked Yang Caiwei if she was afraid, but Yang Caiwei was not because Pan Yue had a way, so she would trust him. Captain Jia and Mrs. Jia both came, and Zhuo Lanjiang also blended into the crowd. Pan Yue's face was ugly, especially after seeing the blood stains on Yang Caiwei's clothes. The father-in-law brought several questions about the queen, but Pan Yue could only ask them in public. Yang Caiwei repeatedly emphasized that the princess died by suicide, but no one believed it. Yang Caiwei proposed to open the coffin for an autopsy, but at this time a man said he was a witness. This person was Shangguan Lan. He and Ling Er identified that the person in front of them was not Shangguan Zhi, but Yang Caiwei. The real Shangguan Zhi had been killed by her long ago. Shangguan Lan stabbed Yang Caiwei in the stomach by questioning her, and Yang Caiwei took her last breath to convey the words to Princess Jia. Mrs. Jia refused to let Yang Caiwei die and quickly called the imperial doctor. She watched Yang Caiwei being taken away before Captain Jia realized that they were going to rob the prisoner.

All this is the plan of friends and Shangguan Lan. Eight hours ago, Pan Yue asked Aze to find a group of people with strong martial arts skills, but Shangguan Lan was already prepared. He knew that it was Taiwei Jia who killed Shangguan Zhi, so this revenge must be avenged. At this time, Yang Caiwei had woken up and was hiding in the yard where the singer was sent. Bai Xiaosheng and Ling'er took good care of her. Shangguan Lan left the capital to temporarily avoid the limelight, and Yang Caiwei felt even more guilty. They had already implicated too many people.


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