Bai Xiaosheng cooked a table of dishes for Zhuo Lanjiang and stewed a chicken for soup. She said that she would be able to tie Zhuo Lanjiang's stomach. Zhuo Lanjiang asked her why she liked him, and Bai Xiaosheng said that it was because he was good-looking. They all said that Pan Yue was good-looking, but in Bai Xiaosheng's eyes, Zhuo Lanjiang was the best. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Zhuo Lanjiang smiled, but felt a little sad in his heart. Since Bai Xiaosheng came here, she did laundry and cooking all day, and there was nothing she wanted to go to. Zhuo Lanjiang planned to take her out for a walk. Bai Xiaosheng had no interest in it at first, but after hearing Zhuo Lanjiang I could spend the whole day with myself and went to change clothes without saying a word.

Bai Xiaosheng took a fancy to a fifty-tael piece of jade, but didn't buy it because the price was too high. The two walked under the marriage tree. It was said that as long as they wrote their names on the sign, they could be together forever. Bai Xiaosheng lowered his head shyly, and Zhuo Lanjiang took the initiative to make a wish upon seeing this. The two hung the sign with their names under the marriage tree, and Bai Xiaosheng silently made a wish. She did not dare to ask for a lifetime of happiness, but only hoped that Zhuo Lanjiang would be by his side no matter how bumpy the future road was. But when Bai Xiaosheng opened her eyes, Zhuo Lanjiang had already secretly left.

Qingdi determined that the person who was chasing Yun Shang was Lord Zuoyuan, and begged Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei to help him no matter what. Bai Xiaosheng found Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei. Bai Xiaosheng said that Zhuo Lanjiang left again and she was really worried that he would be in danger. The spices that Yang Caiwei smelled at Bai Xiaosheng's home were exactly the same as those of the mastermind behind the scenes. Bai Xiaosheng said that she bought them from a shopkeeper of the Jiang tribe. Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei quickly went to see the shopkeeper and learned that the ram's horn pattern was from the Jiang tribe. mark. In this way, everything is connected in series. Our country has been at war with the Jiang tribe for many years, and many Jiang tribe people have moved to Luoxi to settle down. The people behind the scenes must be one of them. They use the ram's horn moiré as their emblem to cultivate their own power in the court. . Officials from Luoxi had no chance of promotion. Maybe the man behind the scenes had secretly changed his place of origin. Pan Yue planned to ask Aze to investigate first before making the next step.

Mrs. Jia, the Taiwei's wife, is the sister of the princess and is busy preparing for the princess's marriage. Miss Sima came to complain and said that she saw Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei acting intimately together, but Mrs. Jia reprimanded her not to have a dispute behind her back. Zhuo Lanjiang was taken to meet the man behind the scenes. He said that Pan Yue forced his father to death and had an sworn hatred with him. Mrs. Jia hosted a banquet and invited Pan Yue. Although Pan Yue found it strange, he went anyway. The princess said that the incident happened suddenly and she only found out about it this morning. Mrs. Jia and Taiwei Jia prepared a family dinner. Mrs. Jia also wanted to ask about Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei, and warned her that she would only have the princess in her heart from now on. After dinner, Lieutenant Jia took Pan Yue to the yard to relax, and also told him some experiences of being a prince-in-law. Zhuo Lanjiang secretly lay beside the courtyard wall, waiting for an opportunity, suddenly flew towards Pan Yue and stabbed him before leaving. Yang Caiwei was very anxious when she learned the news of Pan Yue's assassination. Fortunately, Pan Yue's injury was not serious.

Yang Caiwei was worried and secretly went to the Taiwei Mansion to visit. Aze conveyed the news of Pan Yue's safety to her, but it was still difficult to bring her in. The princess helped Yang Caiwei meet Pan Yue. Pan Yue told her that it was Zhuo Lanjiang who assassinated her, but he did not kill him, so he probably went undercover with the person behind the scenes. At this time, Zhuo Lanjiang must be in a very difficult situation. Dangerous. Zhuo Lanjiang became a member of the Shui Ripple Organization. The place was tightly guarded and Mr. Chen has been hiding here. The person behind the scenes has not fully trusted Zhuo Lanjiang, and he is waiting for the opportunity to strike a fatal blow.

Pan Yue stayed in the Taiwei Mansion for a few days and then found an excuse to leave.


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