Pan Yue handed over the Yinyu Building to the Chamber of Commerce for management. In the evening, he specially held a banquet to thank everyone. However, this was actually a trap set up by Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei. Yang Caiwei pretended to drink too much, and Pan Yue sent her back to her room, believing that the spy would take action. But Yang Caiwei is a little confused. After all, we have been together for so long. Is there really a spy among them? After Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue left, the old boss and Captain Liu made excuses one after another to leave. When the time came, Pan Yue took people to search for the spies. Agent Liu looked very uncomfortable, and found evidence from him.

The old master proposed to retire and return home, and Pan Yue agreed. The old master asked about Liu Captou again. Pan Yue said that the state-owned legal family has family rules, and if you do something wrong, you will be punished. The old bookkeeper pretended to be weak and left the county government office, then turned around and went to the mountain behind Yinyu Tower, where he found evidence that Zhuo's father had stayed. Pan Yue asked Aze to wait here for a long time. In fact, Pan Yue had known for a long time that the spy was the old master, so he planned to let him fall into the trap. Instead of explaining everything, the old master took poison and died. However, Pan Yue discovered the letter left by Zhuo's father. Pan Yue guessed that he wanted to leave some escape route for himself, so he did not give the letter to the person behind the scenes. Yang Caiwei couldn't calm down when she saw the content of the letter. The fate of their family had changed because of this letter, and now the letter was back in her hands.

Capt. Liu knew that Pan Yue was planning to arrest him. In fact, he also suspected that there was a spy in the county government. This time, he admired Pan Yue even more. Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue came to Wangyue Bridge and asked the shopkeepers here about the people who came from the capital ten years ago, but they were interrupted by the shopkeeper's wife. Yang Caiwei had to let Pan Yue drive away the shopkeeper's wife with her beauty. The shopkeeper told them that he had indeed met a merchant girl, and she was a beauty, but he died in the Celestial Master's resurrection case nine years ago, and she was one of the eight deceased. Yang Caiwei was very scared when she heard this incident, because she had just been in Heyang for a year when this incident happened. She went to the scene with her master and was so frightened that she did not even dare to go out alone for a long time. Pan Yue didn't expect it to be so evil, so the two checked the files. The eight dead women in Heyang corresponded to the eight hexagrams. After the death of these people, Heyang's people were panicked. Unexpectedly, Miss Shang among them was the one who reported the news to Yang's father. It is rumored that the murderer is a disciple of Luoyun Sect. The headmaster of Luoyun Sect is named Xue Jianli, and there is a female disciple named Lu Yige under the sect. Both of them are respected by the people of Heyang. Later, the officers and soldiers searched Luoyunmen and found a secret book that recorded the method of killing and sacrificing people to become immortals. However, Lu Yige had died before the first deceased appeared. After that, there was a legend about the resurrection of the heavenly master to kill people. . Yang Caiwei remembered that her master was the co-author of the case, and decided to ask her master.

The two went to Bai Xiaosheng's home on the outskirts of the city together, but the master was not here. When Yang Caiwei went to find someone, the master suddenly broke out and chased Pan Yue. Yang Caiwei hurriedly explained the misunderstanding. The master was very dissatisfied with Pan Yue and deliberately drove him out to water the fields. He also avoided this matter during dinner at night. The two slept here at night, but Pan Yue was so noisy by his master's snoring that he couldn't sleep, so he secretly met Yang Caiwei in the courtyard. Yang Caiwei specially prepared wine for Pan Yue. In fact, the master was very kind, but it was inevitable that he would be concerned about her as his daughter. Yang Caiwei was falsely accused of stealing something, and her master testified for her. Then Yang Caiwei insisted on following him and worshiping her as her master.

Sun Zhen told Zhuo Lanjiang that he had not met the people behind the scenes, and he only went to a pawn shop in the capital to deliver things. Zhuo Lanjiang came to the pawn shop alone, but did not see that person. Bai Xiaosheng also followed and bravely expressed her feelings to him, but Zhuo Lanjiang insisted on letting her leave. Pan Yue pushed Yang Caiwei away and wanted to talk to the master alone about some things. Pan Yue understood the master's concerns and said that he would handle the princess's affairs well, and hoped that he would believe that he could take good care of Yang Caiwei. The master did not embarrass him in the end.


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