When the princess was interested in Pan Yue, Pan Yue directly refused to say that she had an engagement. The princess didn't take it seriously at the time. As long as she said a word, the engagement between Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei would not count, not to mention that Yang Caiwei had been missing for ten years, but Pan Yue had been missing for ten years. Yue's determination was firm. Later, Pan Yue was imprisoned, and the princess decided to help him, saying that she would not marry him unless he was her husband. What Pan Yue did was to find out the truth and eliminate traitors for the country. Yang Caiwei breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't know that Pan Yue would be in such a dangerous situation after returning to Beijing. It's just that Pan Yue explained so much, maybe he was sincere towards Shangguan Zhi? Yang Caiwei was in a bad mood again. Next, Pan Yue's tenderness and tenderness toward her were overwhelmed by Yang Caiwei's jealousy, and he even had a bad temper. The three of them inquired about Shen Ci's home and heard that no one was there anymore and that the place was unlucky.

Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei went to Shen Ci's house to investigate. The place was dilapidated and no one had lived there for a long time. Yang Caiwei found that the children's toys were all duplicates. Could it be that Shen Ci had brothers? After inquiring, I learned that Shen Ci does have a twin brother named Shen Yan, but he has been very weird since he was a child. He has been blind since he was a child, has an eccentric personality, and can attract strange insects. Shen Yan has always lived alone in the woodshed and seldom Deal with people. But one day, Shen Yan's poisonous insects killed his parents. From then on, Shen Ci left Heyang and said she would never come back. Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei guessed that Shen Yan should have left here with Shen Ci, and after Shen Ci was killed, he took his identity and avenged his revenge.

Back at the county government office, Shen Yan did not deny his identity, but he said that what they suspected was not the truth. Shen Yan could also tell them what he knew about the Shui Ripple Organization, but his only request was to kill him. Chen Fu. Yang Caiwei focused on the case. Considering that she had been sleeping rough for the past two days, Pan Yue had people prepare a lot of dishes, but Yang Caiwei turned around and ran away because of his attitude. Pan Yue was very depressed about this. After thinking hard, he realized that it was not Yang Caiwei's intention to come to the wedding in the first place. It was also unknown that she regarded herself as her murderer. Did she really hate herself?

Zhuo Lanjiang sent a message saying that he would investigate the matter in Yinyu Tower and told Yang Caiwei not to worry. Zhuo Lanjiang discovered that there was a medicine in Sun Zhen's room that could regenerate human skin and flesh. He thought it was unusual, so he sent someone to ask Bai Xiaosheng to meet by the river. Bai Xiaosheng was very excited when she received the invitation, and she quickly closed the stall when the time came. Bai Xiaosheng returned home and dressed up carefully. She no longer pretended to be a man as before, but put on gentle women's clothes. Seeing this, Zhuo Lanjiang had a smile in his eyes and asked her to help him keep an eye on the jade toad in the ghost market. He even consciously put his arm around Bai Xiaosheng's shoulders. When they realized something was wrong, they both felt very uncomfortable. Yang Caiwei found the record about the phantom worm, and quickly went with Pan Yue to remove Chen Fu's poison. While waiting, Yang Caiwei said she wanted to walk in front, which made Pan Yue even more depressed because she was so unwilling to be with him.

Yang Caiwei was knocked unconscious and locked up. When she woke up, she saw students from Xinzheng Academy. They, poor students, had been bullied and humiliated by Chen Fu and his group. He was protected by Dean Chen, so no one of them dared to say anything. Now that Yang Caiwei wants to rescue Chen Fu, they are afraid that they will go back to the days of being pigs and dogs. Back in Chen Fu's room, Yang Caiwei was hesitant, wondering whether she should save him or not. Yang Caiwei still administered the injection, which brought Chen Fu back to consciousness. When he woke up, he said that Shen Ci had harmed him. Afterwards, Yang Caiwei told Pan Yue about the incident. She would never have thought that the person who had worked so hard to save him would be such a vicious person. Shen Ci was on trial today. Yang Caiwei persuaded the students to also testify, but they did not want to be involved.

Chen Fu sued Shen Yan in front of the court, but Shen Yan did not defend himself. Yang Caiwei stepped forward to testify against Chen Fu and brought a booklet written by Chen Fu himself, which recorded all Chen Fu's actions. There was no courage test at all. It was Chen Fu and the others who forcibly dragged Shen Ci away to the ghost forest. Unexpectedly, Shen Ci was strangled to death by vines. Chen Fu and his son naturally refused to admit it, but they did not expect that students from Xinzheng Academy came to testify one after another. Chen Fu thought that the person in front of him was Shen Ci, and thought that he would just have to pay some medical expenses at the worst, so he simply broke the jar. Unexpectedly, Pan Yue asked people to bring Shen Ci's body, and the Shen Ci they thought was his younger brother. Shen Ci took good care of this younger brother since he was a child, until he caused a huge disaster. Shen Ci left Heyang, and Shen Yan followed quietly, but he never expected that such a kind brother would be killed. So Shen Yan returned to the academy as Shen Ci and controlled them to blindly jump off the cliff.

Chen Fu and his son were shocked. Pan Yue ordered Chen Fu to be exiled to the border area, and Shen Yanqiu was beheaded. Shen Yan was not dissatisfied. He killed someone and this was the price he had to pay. Everyone has to pay the price for their choices, and Shen Yan must bear the price if he chooses revenge. Pan Yue was hesitating whether he should let Yang Caiwei go after finding out everything, but how could he bear to let Yang Caiwei go like this. According to what Shen Yan said, Aze found Shen Ci's diary, which had water ripple patterns painted on it.


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