Pan Yue brought Yang Caiwei to Li's house. When the people in Yinyu Tower saw this, they raised their knives and wanted to kill Yang Caiwei, but with Pan Yue standing in front of them, they did not dare to take action. Pan Yue and Yang Caiwei pretended to be mysterious, saying that the murderer was at the scene and among these people. Sun Zhen, the master of the lobby of Yinyu Tower, arrived, and Pan Yue revealed his true purpose. He wanted to investigate the massacre of the Li family, so Sun Zhen simply let him go. Yang Caiwei performed an autopsy again and found that there was no beef in the stomach of one of the deceased. However, Yang Caiwei also determined the cause of their death. The murderer put Xia Zhongcao into the beef, and everyone in the Li family ate it one after another. After entering their stomachs, they felt the pain of burning all their internal organs. They could not bear the pain and torture and gradually lost their reason and chose to commit suicide. The murderer hid a salesman's drum and a mouse in the beams of the house, and used rumors to fake the murder scene into a ghost claiming his life. Pan Yue originally suspected that the murderer was an enemy of Yinyu Tower, but the assassin last night had the order of Yinyu Tower on his body. card, and the person in Yinyu Tower who has an interest dispute with Hall Master Li is Master Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiangzhu retorted emotionally after hearing this. Yang Caiwei said that the poison of Xia Zhongcao in her hands turns black when it comes in contact with water, so she asked Chen Xiangzhu to try it on the spot. Chen Xiangzhu put his hands into the water in public, but they did not turn black when exposed to the water. Yang Caiwei asked Chen Xiangzhu where the scratches on his arms came from. It turns out that "it turns black when it touches water" was a lie. Yang Caiwei had always been looking for people with scratches on their arms. When she examined the body just now, she found that there was no beef in the stomach of a maid, but there was blood in her fingernails. Thinking about it, Master Chen Xiang bribed the maid to do it, but later he wanted to kill someone to silence her. The maid struggled to death and was strangled to death by Master Chen Xiang. When Chen Xiangzhu saw that her murder was revealed, she became furious and wanted to attack her, but was killed by Pan Yue's men.

When the Li family mourned, Yang Caiwei was very melancholy and lamented. She had seen many corpses that died in mass graves. They were beautiful in life, but miserable in death. Yang Caiwei thought that if she knew which day she would die, she would find a paradise and bury herself there. . Yang Caiwei pointed to a peach blossom forest at the foot of the mountain and said that it was good there. Pan Yue smiled, she still liked peach blossoms as before. Yang Caiwei agreed, then paused. Pan Yue told her not to pretend anymore. He had already investigated clearly. Ten years ago, Yang Caiwei's father was convicted and exiled. He encountered robbers on the road and robbed his property. Both his parents died. Yang Caiwei lived in Heyang and was adopted by Lao Jiangtou. . After Lao Jiangtou's madness became more and more serious, Yang Caiwei became a corpse collector to support him to this day. Pan Yue came to find her to let her become the real Yang Caiwei. His second condition was to marry Yang Caiwei.

Shangguan Zhi, the daughter of the Shangguan family, was fond of Pan Yue, but her excessive pursuit of slim beauty damaged her roots, but she was willing to endure anything for Pan Yue. Pan Yue had been missing for two days. Shangguan Zhi was anxious and ran to Shangguan Lan to help inquire about his whereabouts. Shangguan Lan received the news that Pan Yue was going to get married to Yang Caiwei. When Shangguan Zhi saw it, he was so angry that he tore up the letter and went back to the room angrily. After Yang Caiwei's parents died, she ran to the Pan family for help, but was blocked by the servants. Pan Yue even asked someone to talk to her. Now that she is the daughter of a guilty minister and has nothing to do with the Pan family anymore, Shangguan Zhi left sadly. , it was clearly Pan Yue who was eager to get rid of everything ten years ago, why would he bring up the engagement again now?

Yang Caiwei was invited by Pan Yue to a house. He said that he wanted to get married here. Yang Caiwei repeatedly refused and even wanted to break off the engagement. To him, Pan Yue was just an old friend from childhood, and there was no affection between them. Pan Yue disagreed. Five days later would be the wedding date they agreed on back then. Before then, he would definitely let Yang Caiwei nod. Lao Jiangtou's madness became more and more severe. Yang Caiwei decided to go to the ghost market to find a medicine for him. On the way, she met Pan Yue who lied about being on the way. The ghost market has a ban on nobles and officials, so Pan Yue specially dressed up before entering. There are many things in the ghost market that cannot be bought outside. Yang Caiwei is very familiar with this place and lives very comfortably. Yang Caiwei stopped in front of a blind stall owner and asked Pan Yue to help him. Pan Yue threw some silver. Although the stall owner was blind, he was good at touching bones. He could tell by touching them that they were all rare beauties. The stall owner drew a picture for the two of them, and lamented that one had a scar on his face and the other had a wound in his heart. They were a match made in heaven, but now it's a pity to see them.

Bai Xiaosheng is Yang Caiwei's friend and leads them to find the spirit snake hunter. The two of them were in the ghost market. Shangguan Zhi had already arrived at Pan Yue's house. Seeing the festive decoration here, she felt even more angry. What Yang Caiwei wanted to buy was a fairy-spotted spiritual snake, and she asked for fifty guan. Yang Caiwei couldn't get it out, so she refused Pan Yue's money. Pan Yue's identity was exposed, and the people in the ghost market wanted to drive him away and let the fairy-spotted spirit snake go. Seeing that Yang Caiwei was anxious, Pan Yue jumped into the water with a knife to look for it. After a while, there was no movement in the water, and Yang Caiwei's heart trembled, but Pan Yue suddenly emerged from the water, holding the spirit snake in his hand. Yang Caiwei was moved, but she also drew a clear line with him again. Pan Yue quickly explained that he did not know that Yang Caiwei had come to see him. That was also what his father meant. He had been asking about Yang Caiwei for these years, and he thought that fulfilling the engagement was to treat her. to make up for it, but ignored her thoughts. However, Pan Yue sincerely wants to protect Yang Caiwei, and Pan Yue will be waiting for her on the wedding day.

When Pan Yue got home, she heard the sound of Shangguan Zhi throwing things. She asked Pan Yue if he really wanted to marry that ugly guy? So who is she? Shangguan Zhi was even willing to be a concubine. She suffered a lot for her perfect body, but her persistent appearance was never what Pan Yue liked. To him, Shangguan Zhi was just Shangguan Lan's sister.

Yang Caiwei put on the wedding dress sent by Pan Yue and awkwardly inserted a hairpin on herself. At this time, there was a knock on the door, and there was a coffin in front of the door. Shangguan Zhi in the sedan tied up Yang Caiwei. She had paid so much for Pan Yue, but in the end he wanted to marry the ugly Yang Caiwei! Yang Caiwei recognized Shangguan Zhi, but she didn't expect that the fat girl who followed them when they were children would turn out like this. Yang Caiwei begged her to let her go, but Shangguan Zhi decided to change faces with her and replace her as Mrs. Pan. Yang Caiwei wanted to commit suicide in her place, and even the coffin was ready. Yang Caiwei quietly untied the rope behind her, held Shangguan Zhi hostage with a knife, and escaped.

Five days later, Pan Yue got married. The auspicious time has almost passed, but Pan Yue is still looking forward to it. Yang Caiwei came over in wedding clothes and said that she had figured it out. Appearance and status were not important. She was happy with Pan Yue. The two completed the wedding ceremony together, but Yang Caiwei had a vague scar on her chin.


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