Zhuo Lanjiang and Pan Yue went to Jishan Hall in disguise. When they saw Gu Yong, he opened his mouth and said that he wanted to buy Pan Yue's life. Although Gu Yong thought they looked familiar, he didn't think much about it. Zhuo Lanjiang even took out five hundred yuan in one go. Two silver coins. Pan Yue continued to speak, Jishantang can still kill people according to the method they want, but Gu Yong said that this also requires extra money. Zhuo Lanjiang took out another five hundred taels. Pan Yue stepped forward and said that he wanted to die in the same way as those who died in the Lantern Festival case. Gu Yong's expression changed. Pan Yue took the opportunity to tear off his painting. It turned out that the Gu Yong in front of him was fake because he bought two copies of both clothes and shoes from Ji Shan Tang. The fake Gu Yong called many people to surround the two in anger. Pan Yue and Zhuo Lanjiang tore off each other's disguises, and then they saw the real Gu Yong. Gu Yong told them that the Lantern Festival case had nothing to do with him. Pan Yue asked to see the blood sword, and Gu Yong also asked someone to present it. Gu Yong claimed that the lantern festival and the evil dragon had nothing to do with him. He had his hand tendon broken more than ten years ago and has not used a sword since then. The Gu family only has his son Gu Shanhui, but Gu Shan died five years ago.

Pan Yue and Zhuo Lanjiang decided to leave, but were stopped by Gu Yong. Jishantang's rules were to kill people for their lives. Gu Yong pointed the blood sword at Pan Yue, but was stopped by Zhuo Lanjiang. Gu Yong's words were impeccable, and Pan Yue must have been prepared for it. The two suddenly saw Mrs. Gu in the yard. She ran out and said that Gu Yong was the murderer. The servant said that she had gone crazy after her son's death. The two returned to the county government together. Gu Yong's right hand was disabled, and the murderer committed the murder with his right hand. Gu Yong's suspicion could be ruled out for the time being.

Yang Caiwei and Zhuo Lanjiang behaved intimately. Pan Yue felt a little strange when he saw this. Aze felt that he was very concerned about Yang Caiwei's affairs and felt that he really liked Yang Caiwei. If Yang Caiwei agrees to Zhuo Lanjiang and becomes a gang wife, that's not necessarily the case. Yang Caiwei wanted to see Mrs. Gu, but it was not easy for Zhuo Lanjiang and the others to sneak in today. However, Zhuo Lanjiang saw a back door today and should be able to get in. After hearing this, Pan Yue asked Zhuo Lanjiang to protect Yang Caiwei's life, and the most important thing was to hold off Gu Yong. Zhuo Lanjiang was the most suitable candidate, but in this case only Pan Yue took Yang Caiwei in.

At night, Zhuo Lanjiang, Yang Caiwei, and Pan Yue separated into two groups. A dog suddenly emerged from the dog hole, which startled Yang Caiwei. Zhuo Lanjiang dragged Gu Yong, and Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue discovered that Mrs. Gu had been being fed medicine by Gu Yong, and had been pretending to cook, acting strangely. Zhuo Lanjiang said that he had something to do with the four major families, and said that he was apologizing for what happened today, and even took out the wine he had secretly stored to apologize. Mrs. Gu went to the back garden, but was dragged back by her servants. It was Gu Yong who never let her come here. After some exploration, Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue discovered the mechanism in the back garden and opened a secret door. This place was like a dungeon, and the door closed automatically after the two entered.

The marks on the wall were exactly the same as the wounds of the deceased in the Lantern Festival, and there were broken chains on the ground. Gu Yong reminded Zhuo Lanjiang not to get entangled with the county government, or there would be a lot of trouble in the future. Zhuo Lanjiang tested whether Jishantang had any other secrets, but Gu Yong denied it again. Yang Caiwei discovered that there were bloody palm prints on the floor of the dungeon, and it seemed that the person imprisoned here was a living person. Seeing this scene, Pan Yue recalled some unpleasant memories of his childhood and suddenly had a splitting headache. Yang Caiwei recalled that when she was a child, Pan Yue was always called a little bastard by others and almost strangled other young masters to death. Pan's father tied him up in the dungeon in anger. Maybe It was the scene before him that aroused the fear deep in his heart. At that time, it was Yang Caiwei who broke in and rescued Pan Yue. Yang Caiwei sang the nursery rhyme again, trying to awaken Pan Yue's consciousness.


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