A few days ago, the third girl was upset with everyone because she tied up a vendor. Zhuo Lanjiang went to the third girl to apologize. Seeing that she couldn't sell her iced drinks, he packed all the iced drinks and brought them to the county government for everyone. Da Da Ya Festival. Zhuo Lanjiang also specially prepared a portion for Yang Caiwei, adding a little more honey. Yang Caiwei quickly brought a bowl of ice drink to Pan Yue. Seeing this, Zhuo Lanjiang was very dissatisfied and choked with Pan Yue. Zhuo Lanjiang said that Pan Yue wanted to re-investigate the lantern festival case, and Yinyu Tower was willing to help. Pan Yue disagreed, but Zhuo Lanjiang only informed him that he would take care of the matter. When Zhuo Lanjiang was leaving, Yang Caiwei went to see him off.

Pan Yue asked the three girls how their business was lately and learned that there had been no business since the Lantern Festival case, so they also expected Pan Yue to find out the truth as soon as possible. Pan Yue asked the third girl again about her relationship with her father. The third girl replied that it was just an ordinary father-daughter relationship, no different from other people’s relationships. However, Pan Yue discovered that she had completely crossed out Uncle Qiang’s name on the stall. How hateful it was. Why is this the case? Miss Su admitted it, and her younger sister Shuangshuang hurriedly stopped her. It turned out that the third girl was a foreigner who lived in Heyang and was adopted by Uncle Qiang. In fact, it was just to make her do hard work. Uncle Qiang liked to drink and would beat her every time after drinking. Shuangshuang, so Shuangshuang prefers her sister to her father.

After the three girls left, Pan Yue seemed to have found the common ground between the cases. These deceased people had violent bullies during their lifetimes, and there was another case involving Mr. Ba who forced a beggar to beg. Pan Yue ordered to find those little beggars, and Zhuo Lanjiang also summoned Yinyu Tower to thoroughly investigate the Lantern Festival case. Pan Yue found some beggars under Ba Ye and also learned the location of Ba Ye's body. Yang Caiwei followed them to the mass grave, but she was very familiar with this situation, and her behavior was very abnormal, which made Pan Yue suspicious again. Yang Caiwei had undergone so many changes in a short period of time, and Pan Yue felt even more strange. The rain stopped and the carriage was being repaired on the road. Yang Caiwei and Pan Yue got out of the car and took a walk. Yang Caiwei grabbed a handful of the bitter-then-sweet fruit and gave some to Pan Yue. The two turned around and saw the rainbow. Pan Yue felt a little emotional. It had been a long time since he had taken a good look at the scenery like this.

Yang Caiwei went to check on Master Ba's body late at night. Although he was not a good person, he didn't deserve to die. Yang Caiwei ran to scare Chen San and reminded him of the clues about the body. The next day, Chen San ran to Pan Yue and said that the murder weapon was an alien weapon. Pan Yue asked Yang Caiwei to draw it, and then took her to the prison. Most of the people here were people from the martial arts world. Maybe some people had seen this kind of weapon. It turns out that this weapon is called the Blood Sword, and Pan Yue knows who wields the weapon: Gu Yong, the master of Jishan Hall. Pan Yue even got Gu Yong's purchase order and decided to meet him for a while. Zhuo Lanjiang also found Jishantang.

Pan Yue and Zhuo Lanjiang went to Jishan Hall by chance, and Yang Caiwei went to see the original Capt. Sun and learned that someone had taken the risk to steal the token. Zhuo Lanjiang and Pan Yue both dressed up and came to the Jishantang market together.


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