Qi Yue and Lu Xiao helped the stall owner look after the ice cream stand for a while, and when the old lady came back, Qi Yue specially left a sum of money for the old lady to thank her for taking care of Qi Shuo in the future.

Qi Shuo found a lot of snacks in Deng Shuling's home. In order to prevent Deng Shuling from becoming a fat aunt in the future, he packed up the snacks and gave them to the neighbors. Deng Shuling and her colleagues got off work together. At this time, Qi Shuo drove to pick up Deng Shuling from get off work. Her colleagues mistook her for her boyfriend and thought they were living together. Qi Shuo and Deng Shuling went home together, and the neighbors they met thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Although Deng Shuling kept denying it, the neighbors praised Qi Shuo very much.

Deng Shuling wondered why the neighbors were so friendly to her, so Qi Shuo had no choice but to admit that she gave her snacks to the neighbors. Deng Shuling was very angry that Qi Shuo gave away her snacks, but Qi Shuo thought that Deng Shuling stayed up late and worked overtime every day and ate junk food, which was very bad for her health. Seeing the dinner Qi Shuo prepared for herself, Deng Shuling calmed down.

Qi Shuo planned to go home, but Deng Shuling received a call from Qi Yue. He learned that Qi Yue and Lu Xiao had been together for the past two days, and planned to bring Deng Shuling to help them stay together. Qi Yue saw from Qi Shuo's circle of friends that he was currently playing at the Magic Boy Resort, and Lu Xiao took Qi Yue to drive to the Magic Boy Resort. On the way, Qi Yue went to the bathroom on the server, and accidentally got into the wrong car when she came back. When she found out, Lu Xiao had already driven away.

Lu Xiao received a call from Qi Shuo on the way and found out that Qi Yue was missing. He returned to the service area to find Qi Yue, and told Qi Yue not to leave his sight in the future. He promised that such a thing would never happen again. Qi Yue came to the resort and found that there was only one room left, and she guessed from the customer name of the other room that Qi Shuo was also here. As soon as Qi Yue and Lu Xiao arrived at the room, a hotel attendant delivered items. Qi Yue thought it was food ordered by Lu Xiao, but found that there were even sexy pajamas. For this reason, she misunderstood that Lu Xiao was playing hooliganism.

In fact, the mysterious gift at the hotel is a gift arranged by Qi Shuo for Qi Yue, Qi Shuo thinks it can promote the relationship between Qi Yue and Lu Xiao. Qi Shuo saw that Deng Shuling wanted to eat instant noodles as an extra meal at night, and for Deng Shuling's weight loss plan, he snatched Deng Shuling's instant noodles, and the two of them were extremely embarrassed because they accidentally ate a piece of noodles.

Qi Yue woke up at the hotel the next day, and she told Lu Xiao not to look for Qi Shuo anymore, since they are Qi Shuo's pawns, why not just enjoy the good time now, Qi Yue and Lu Xiao looked at each other and smiled, both of them were very happy Enjoy this sweet time.


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