Qi Shuo was going to celebrate his birthday today, and Qi Yue asked his son what birthday gift he wanted. Qi Shuo recalled that his mother prepared a lot of unreliable gifts for his birthday when he was a child, and he didn't expect Qi Yue's gift at all. Xu Zhaoyang was waiting downstairs in the girls' dormitory for Qi Yue to ask her out for dinner. Qi Yue kept in mind the agreement with his son and made excuses to refuse the invitation.

In order to avoid Xu Zhaoyang, Qi Yue didn't even go to public classes. Lu Xiao didn't see Qi Yue in the public class, and Qi Yue's room kindly explained that Qi Yue had a stomachache and asked for leave, and Lu Xiao was still distracted in class because of this. After class, Lu Xiao learned from her roommate that there was a handsome boy waiting for Qi Yue downstairs in the girls' dormitory, so Lu Xiao hurriedly rushed to the girls' dormitory to find Qi Yue.

Lu Xiao went to the school infirmary to buy medicine for abdominal pain and sent it to Qi Yue. He was completely relieved when he learned that Qi Yue had abdominal pain because of the girl's menstrual period. Lu Xiao explained that he didn't go to the appointment last night because of something, and when he learned that tonight is Qi Shuo's birthday, he said that he would definitely go to the appointment tonight.

Xu Zhaoyang found Qi Yue again, and he formally confessed that he hoped that Qi Yue could be his girlfriend. Qi Yue thanked him for his liking, but also said that he had someone he liked. Facing Xu Zhaoyang's questioning, Qi Yue also generously admitted that the person he liked was Lu Xiao.

Qi Shuo saw the medical record from Lu Xiao, and after asking, he found out that Qi Yue was not feeling well. He found Qi Yue's dormitory, and happened to meet Qi Yue's roommate, and learned from Qi Yue's roommate that Qi Yue said that his stomach hurts every time. They are all absent from school. Qi Shuo learned of Qi Yue's whereabouts and went to the auditorium to look for Qi Yue. On the way, he heard that a sports student in the school had carefully prepared a confession, and the girl agreed. Qi Shuo mistakenly thought that Xu Zhaoyang had confessed to Qi Yue.

Qi Shuo found Xu Zhaoyang and beat him up. Qi Yue prepared a family photo for Qi Shuo, but when she got home, she saw Qi Shuo's face was hurt. Qi Shuo asked Qi Yue's whereabouts today, and berated her for not being in love and staying away from Xu Zhaoyang. The two of them didn't understand each other, and Qi Yue was very annoyed that Qi Shuo asked her to pursue Lu Xiao, but the misfortune in the future was not her fault alone, why didn't Qi Shuo persuade Lu Xiao to change.

Qi Shuo was very angry that Qi Yue was so muddy that he couldn't support the wall, but Qi Yue was even more angry and said that he would no longer pursue Lu Xiao. The mother and son blamed each other, Qi Yue even reprimanded Qi Shuo for having to rely on himself for food and lodging now, Qi Shuo ran away from home in a fit of anger. Lu Xiao was originally on duty today, but in order to change shifts with his classmates for Qi Shuo's birthday, Qi Yue opened the door and saw Lu Xiao, and immediately got angry and said that he didn't know Qi Shuo, and then shut Lu Xiao out.

Qi Shuo came to Deng Shuling's house. Originally, he planned to stay overnight, but he learned from Deng Shuling that Qi Yue had also come here, so he hurriedly hid. Qi Yue went to her best friend to cry and complain about her grievances, and only then did Qi Shuo learn from the dark that Qi Yue had rejected Xu Zhaoyang's confession, and even helped him prepare a birthday present. Deng Shuling comforted Qi Yue, and in order to avoid Qi Shuo being discovered, she hurriedly found an excuse to persuade Qi Yue to go home. Deng Shuling helped Qi Shuo treat the wound on his face, and let him temporarily live on the sofa in the living room at home.

Qi Yue returned to the dormitory, only to remember the incident of scolding Lu Xiao away last night when his roommate questioned him. Because Qi Shuo ran away from home, no one supervised Qi Yue's studies, and Qi Yue completely forgot to write his thesis. Lu Xiao asked Qi Yue to hand over his experiment report to Qi Shuo when the public class was over, but Qi Yue got angry when he mentioned Qi Shuo, and angrily refused.

Lu Xiao learned about Qi Shuo running away from home from Xie Jiajia, and Qi Yue can't contact Qi Shuo now, which made her very worried. Lu Xiao accompanied Qi Yue to look for Qi Shuo. On the way, Qi Yue remembered that Qi Shuo once said that when he was a child, he would go to find an old grandmother who sold ice cream. She took Lu Xiao to find the old grandmother's ice cream stand. The stall owner was away for the time being. Lu Xiao prepared Qi Yue her favorite strawberry-flavored ice cream, and accidentally said that she liked this flavor from her lipstick. Both of them thought about the first kiss, and they were a little embarrassed for a while.


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