Qi Yue came to the laboratory to return the clothes. Qi Shuo wanted to create a space for Qi Yue and Lu Xiao to get along with each other, but found that both of them avoided each other. Faced with Qi Shuo's questioning, Qi Yue told about Lu Xiao sending him back to the dormitory last night. Qi Shuo thought that Lu Xiao must be very nervous now, and Qi Yue should always appear beside Lu Xiao to feel his presence.

Xu Zhaoyang approached Qi Yue and asked why she didn't reply to her WeChat. Qi Yue asked Xu Zhaoyang to think about what he had done. After all, because of his selfishness, now only Xu Zhaoyang himself can represent the school in the competition. During the dinner in Qi Yue's dormitory, everyone discussed the success rate of Qi Yue's pursuit of Lu Xiao. The roommate helped Qi Yue post a circle of friends and saw Lu Xiao's likes. The roommate asked Qi Yue to take the opportunity to invite Lu Xiao to dinner, but Lu Xiao made excuses and refused. The roommate asked Qi Yue to go directly to the dormitory building to block Lu Xiao early the next morning, to see if Lu Xiao was really up to something or to avoid Qi Yue.

Qi Yue came to the boys' dormitory building early in the morning and saw Liang Yufei and Lu Xiao going out together, but she couldn't catch up with Lu Xiao because of Xu Zhaoyang's obstruction. Xu Zhaoyang explained to Qi Yue the misunderstanding between the two, and even spent money to find someone to help explain. Xu Zhaoyang brought Qi Yue to have breakfast, and happened to see Lu Xiao and Liang Yufei who were eating here at the same time. Seeing that Lu Xiao and Liang Yufei were getting along close, Qi Yue was very jealous and left directly.

Lu Xiao was so preoccupied when he saw Qi Yue leaving angrily in the morning that he couldn't even concentrate on the experiment. Then he saw Qi Shuo helping Qi Yue invite him to have dinner at the Mountain and Sea Restaurant at 6:00 pm, and he turned his worries into joy. Liang Yufei called Lu Xiao to a candlelight dinner on the grounds that someone was following her. Lu Xiao hurriedly left after confirming that Liang Yufei was safe and sound, and went to make an appointment with Qi Yue.

Qi Yue didn't wait for Lu Xiao in the restaurant. Xu Zhaoyang passed by the restaurant and saw Qi Yue coming to say hello. Seeing that Qi Yue's foot was scratched, he bought a pair of slippers for Qi Yue to put on. Knowing that Lu Xiao could not keep the appointment, Qi Yue had to agree to have dinner with Xu Zhaoyang. During the meal, Xu Zhaoyang confided to Qi Yue the pain of his native family, which made Qi Yue sympathize with him very much, and comforted Xu Zhaoyang that he would do what he wanted to do in the future.

Lu Xiao made an excuse not to show up because he rushed to the restaurant and saw Xu Zhaoyang and Qi Yue together, and then drank a can of beer because Qi Yue didn't reply to WeChat, and ended up getting drunk. The drunk Lu Xiao complained to his roommate about himself His first kiss was taken away, and he also expressed that he was wronged. Qi Yue went home and complained to his son about Lu Xiao, thinking that Lu Xiao was not the one he was destined for, but Qi Shuo said that this was fate, and Lu Xiao was Qi Yue's only candidate. In order to create opportunities for Qi Yue, Qi Shuo planned to hold a birthday party the next day and asked Qi Yue to invite Lu Xiao to his home for dinner.


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