Qi Shuo came to attend Qi Yue's university, Qi Yue complained why Lu Xiao was still unmoved by her, she couldn't help wishing that Lu Xiao was a robot, so that Qi Shuo could help write a program to make Lu Xiao fall in love with her, and the way to recharge is to hold hands , so romantic.

Qi Yue was awakened by a nightmare at night, Qi Shuo heard the movement and came to check, Qi Yue took the opportunity to ask Qi Shuo to tell the future about herself and Lu Xiao. But Qi Shuo didn't know if the two were first love, the only thing he knew was that Qi Yue would soon meet a rival in love.

In order to deal with rivals in love, Qi Yue helped Lu Xiao send away the female classmates who he flirted with at school anytime and anywhere. She and her roommate followed Lu Xiao for a few days, only to find out that Liang Yufei was her rival in love. Liang Yufei is not only Lu Xiao's childhood sweetheart, but also lived in Lu Xiao's grandmother's house nearby in order to go to school. Although Liang Yufei took advantage of the right time, place and people, Qi Shuo also started a new plan.

The next day, Qi Shuo went to the university to listen to the professor's course, and got the post of volunteer in the laboratory of Qingda University by virtue of his professional knowledge. Qi Yue took the initiative to strike up a conversation and get to know Liang Yufei, and even took the opportunity to interrupt the private time between Liang Yufei and Lu Xiao. Although she knew that Qi Yue liked Lu Xiao, Liang Yufei was very troubled by Qi Yue's frequent stalking and disturbance. Qi Yue couldn't get into the lab, seeing that Lu Xiao and Liang Yufei were helpless when they were alone, she asked Qi Shuo for help, and found that Qi Shuo rushed to the lab and entered the lab smoothly.

Qi Shuo entered the laboratory as a laboratory volunteer and interrupted the conversation between Lu Xiao and Liang Yufei from time to time. The classmates in the laboratory helped Qi Shuo to welcome the wind, and Qi Shuo asked Qi Yue to take Deng Shuling to the dinner together. At dinner at night, everyone played games and asked questions. Qi Shuo asked everyone at the table if there was anyone of the opposite sex they liked, but Lu Xiao actually said that there was no one he liked for the time being. At the end of the game, Qi Yue lost the game. She publicly stated that her secret was "like Lu Xiao", and everyone here knew it. Qi Yue was going to punish herself for drinking, but Lu Xiao was worried that she would drink her wine first.

After the dinner party, Liang Yufei wanted to take the opportunity to let Lu Xiao take her home, but Lu Xiao had no choice but to agree under the persuasion of her classmates. Through the dinner, Qi Yue found out that Lu Xiao had no one he liked for the time being, which meant that Liang Yufei had already lost the competition after so many years of getting along.

Qi Yue learned from Qi Shuo that only Lu Xiao was on duty in the laboratory tonight. She came to the laboratory and found that Lu Xiao had fallen asleep. She observed Lu Xiao's sleeping face from a close distance and accidentally kissed Lu Xiao who was awake. , because the first kiss was extremely embarrassing for both of them, Qi Yue fled back to the dormitory in a hurry.

In the following days, both of them avoided each other because of their first kiss. Qi Shuo found that Qi Yue's attitude towards Lu Xiao was a bit strange. Xiaowan helped to return it. Qi Yue received a message from Qi Shuo at night to come to the laboratory to pick up his meal card. Qi Yue was terrified by the flickering circuit maintenance lights in the corridor, and finally hurt himself. When Lu Xiao heard the sound of shock and rushed over, Qi Yue took the opportunity to ask Lu Xiao to carry her back to the dormitory.


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