On the first day of college, Qi Shuo asked Qi Yue to follow three rules: study hard and ask the scumbags to set up; try to pursue Lu Xiao; stay away from all seniors, and said that he would closely monitor Qi Yue's social life, and would check from time to time. In order to relive the moment of mother and child, Qi Shuo planned to send Qi Yue to college by bicycle. Qi Shuo saw Lu Xiao on the way, and directly made an excuse to ask Lu Xiao to help send Qi Yue to school.

The handsome Lu Xiao, as a freshman school girl, was struck up by the school gate, and Qi Yue also helped dismiss the female classmate who struck up a conversation with. After the two said goodbye, Qi Yue was dragged away by her roommate Xie Jiajia. Xie Jiajia asked Qi Yue to help carry the fertilizer for planting flowers and grass back to the dormitory. On the way, Xu Zhaoyang met Qi Yue who came to say hello. In order to keep his promise to stay away from all the seniors, Qi Yue He refused Xu Zhaoyang's help and carried away the fertilizer alone.

Ding Fei from the Department of Psychology, Xie Jiajia from the Department of Education, and Ouyang Lin from the Department of Biology lived in the same dormitory with Qi Yue. Qi Yue suggested that they marry Jinlan, using canned herring as evidence. When Qi Yue heard that Lu Xiao was looking for someone in the dormitory, he thought it was him, but when he went downstairs, he found that he smelled bad, so he turned back to the dormitory to change clothes. But Lu Xiao didn't come to look for Qi Yue, but was entrusted by someone to deliver something to the school flower Liang Yufei, and he left directly after delivering the things, Qi Yue thought he was being let go.

Xu Zhaoyang invited Qi Yue to his birthday party. Although Qi Yue kept in mind the agreement to stay away from his seniors, he decided to attend after learning that the birthday party was a masquerade ball. On the other side, Liang Yufei also invited Lu Xiao to a masquerade ball to get to know more senior brothers and sisters. Lu Xiao refused because the dance party was boring, and soon learned that Qi Yue was in danger at the dance party, so he had to rush to the dance party.

Qi Yue carefully prepared a gift for Xu Zhaoyang, and when she gave the gift to Xu Zhaoyang, she saw Lu Xiao who came to find her in a hurry, and learned that Lu Xiao knew from her help email that she was in danger, Qi Yue felt that there was a fraud at the scene , Sure enough, she found Qi Shuo in the crowd, and she directly pulled Lu Xiao out of the masquerade ball.

When Lu Xiao returned to the dormitory, he found that his roommates were playing games. In order to experience the happiness in the world that Qi Yue said, Lu Xiao asked his roommates how to apply for a game account, and the roommates enthusiastically told each other. Qi Yue saw the gift she gave Xu Zhaoyang in the school's second-hand store. She confronted Xu Zhaoyang, and accidentally found that he had thrown away the classmate's college league registration form. Qi Yue discovered Xu Zhaoyang's selfishness and accused him of not respecting people enough .

In order to catch up with Lu Xiao, Qi Yue asked her roommate for help. In the following days, with the full assistance of her roommate, Qi Yue successfully won the space to get along with Lu Xiao at school. Although the interaction rate between Lu Xiao and Qi Yue has increased, Qi Shuo analyzed that Lu Xiao's response rate is still 0.


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