Under Qi Shuo's supervision, Qi Yue's grades have improved significantly. In the class joint examination, she actually ranked 156th in her grade. Qi Yue is very happy that she is not the last one in her grade. Going home at night, Qi Yue and Qi Shuo shared their progress. Qi Shuo was also very happy that Qi Yue had made such great progress, and planned to go out for dinner together to celebrate. At this time, Xu Zhaoyang called Qi Yue to congratulate her on her progress in the exam and invited her out for dinner to celebrate. Qi Yue finally decided to have dinner with Xu Zhaoyang at noon tomorrow.

At noon the next day, Qi Yue came to the appointed restaurant, but Xu Zhaoyang was unable to attend the appointment due to temporary training at noon, and forgot to notify Qi Yue, which made Qi Yue very unhappy. Qi Yue packed up the dishes ordered from the restaurant and took them back to school, just in time to see Lu Xiao on duty at the school gate, and invited Lu Xiao to have lunch together. In the end, Lu Xiao reminded her that the director was waiting for her in the office.

When Qi Yue came to the director's office, the director found that Yang Ziyun, who was in the top three of the exam paper, had the same thinking as Qi Yue, and thought that Qi Yue got such a high score through plagiarism. Qi Yue was very angry when he was misunderstood, so he turned and left. When Lu Xiao met Qi Yue who left, he wanted to give Qi Yue the reference book on problem-solving ideas in his hand, but Qi Yue was angry because of being misunderstood and cheated, and he didn't like the book given by Lu Xiao, who was the first in grade.

In order to celebrate Qi Yue's exam results, Qi Shuo personally cooks and prepares dinner. Qi Yue went home and cried out her grievances to her son. No matter how hard she tried, she would always be the last one in the eyes of others. Qi Shuo believes that prejudice exists in life, we can't change what others think, but we can be ourselves.

At this time, Yang Ziyun came to Qi Yue's home to apologize to him. It turned out that she secretly copied the last question of the test paper while Qi Yue was going to the bathroom. Lu Xiao confronted her. She had already told the teacher about it, but she begged Qi Yue not to tell others. Knowing that Lu Xiao was secretly helping her, Qi Yue found Lu Xiao in the cafeteria the next day and said that in order to thank Lu Xiao for her help, she directly decided to invite Lu Xiao to dinner at the Mountain and Sea Restaurant tomorrow. Lu Xiao wanted to refuse but found that Qi Yue had already left .

The next day Qi Shuo found out that Qi Yue didn't go on a date, and only then did he find out that Qi Yue had an appointment with Lu Xiao for breakfast at 7 o'clock. He directly pointed out that Lu Xiao must think it was dinner at 7 o'clock in the evening, so he didn't go to the appointment in the morning. Qi Yue hurried to the restaurant and found Lu Xiao waiting outside the restaurant. But today the restaurant was booked out, Qi Yue had no choice but to ask Qi Shuo for help. In order to solve the problem, Qi Shuo directly asked Qi Yue to invite Lu Xiao home for dinner, and he was responsible for preparing the food at home.

When Lu Xiao came to Qi Yue's house, he found that there were quantum mechanics-related items in Qi Yue's house. Qi Yue had to pretend that it was his toy when he was bored, which surprised Lu Xiao very much.

After Qi Shuo prepared the food, he quietly slipped out of the house, so that Qi Yue could get along well with Lu Xiao. Qi Shuo found Deng Shuling and heard that she was not good at refusing a colleague's shift change, so she simply pretended to be Deng Shuling's boyfriend to help her refuse her colleague's shift change, and then warned Deng Shuling that the sign of a mature adult is to learn to say "no", let alone care about colleagues Opinion.

When Deng Shuling received a call from the hospital and learned that her mother was not in good condition, she hurried to the hospital. The doctor told Deng Shuling that her mother was very weak and might be in a coma at any time. Qi Shuo comforted Deng Shuling that her mother would be fine, and told her not to worry too much.

When Qi Shuo returned home, he found that Qi Yue had left a meal for him. He was also very happy to learn that Qi Yue and Lu Xiao got along happily. In the following days, Qi Yue studied harder and harder, and finally ushered in the final college entrance examination. After the results of the college entrance examination were announced, Qi Yue was very worried about her results, and even more afraid that she would be ashamed if she failed to pass the college entrance examination. But when she learned from Lu Xiao that she had been admitted to Qingda University, she shouted in surprise.

Because of becoming a candidate to counterattack the myth, Qi Yue, as a student representative, needs to give a speech. Although Qi Shuo prepared a speech for her, Qi Yue is still very nervous, so she had to call Qi Shuo to relax her nervousness. Lu Xiao heard Qi Yue talking intimately on the phone, so he was jealous and directly took Qi Yue's hand to give a speech. This made Qi Yue even more nervous, and read the wrong speech directly on the stage. What surprised the students even more was that the speech was all thanks to Lu Xiao's letter of thanks. Qi Yue was extremely embarrassed, but fortunately Lu Xiao helped out in the end.

Qi Yue suffers from insomnia at night, and the scene of holding hands with Lu Xiao always comes to mind. At the same time, Qi Yue secretly makes up her mind that she must be as good as Lu Xiao.


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