Qi Yue threw Lu Xiao down to realize that the other party was doing an experiment, but when the two got up from the ground, the danger of explosion really came. Qi Shuo hurried to the hospital after learning that the two had an accident. Qi Shuo found Qi Yue in the hospital, and met the young Deng Shuling - the aunt Shuling who had been taking him in since he was a child.

It turned out that what happened in the laboratory was just a virtual explosion, which would not cause substantial harm, so the person who suddenly appeared in the laboratory was just frightened. Lu Xiao could tell from the skin of the other party's hands that the other party's hands should always be soaked in disinfectant and tap water, recommend the other party to apply for a cleaning job in the hospital. In order not to disturb the relationship between Qi Yue and Lu Xiao, Qi Shuo took Deng Shuling away on the pretext of sending her home, while Qi Yue took the opportunity to ask Lu Xiao to send her home.

Qi Shuo took Deng Shuling to the supermarket, thinking of Aunt Shuling who would be fat in the future, Qi Shuo persuaded Deng Shuling to refuse junk food - instant noodles, cola, puffed food, and let her choose healthy food to enjoy. Qi Shuo, who came home at night, specially made a love-chasing plan for Qi Yue, but was ridiculed by Qi Yue that he was single for more than 20 years.

In order to catch up with Lu Xiao, Qi Yue showed her presence in front of Lu Xiao anytime and anywhere, but she found that Lu Xiao didn't understand friendship at all, which made her frustrated. Qi Yue failed the exam again, and the director asked Qi Yue to call his father during the parents' meeting. At this time, Lu Xiao was also called by the director. The director wanted Lu Xiao to tutor the students one-on-one before the college entrance examination. Qi Yue took the opportunity to apply for Lu Xiao to tutor herself, but the director only asked her to go back and wait for the notice.

Qi Yue asked Lu Xiao to help her fill in the classmate list. Although Lu Xiao was impatient, she couldn't stand Qi Yue's request in the end, so she had to agree to her request. Qi Yue went to ask Qi Haonian to attend her parent meeting, but Qi Haonian was too busy entertaining friends to care for her daughter at all, so Qi Yue took the pocket money Qi Haonian gave him and left the meeting angrily. Lu Xiao accidentally found the sad Qi Yue and took her away. Knowing that Qi Yue hadn't eaten, he even took her to eat a bowl of hot instant noodles.

Sadly, Qi Yue expressed her envy that someone held a parent-teacher meeting for Lu Xiao. Seeing the happy backs of a family of three on the road, she thought of her mother who loved her dearly. Lu Xiao added Qi Shuo's WeChat, and asked Qi Shuo to come and take Qi Yue home. The next day at the parent-teacher meeting, Qi Shuo suddenly appeared as Qi Yue's cousin to hold the parent-teacher meeting. It turned out that Lu Xiao privately told Qi Shuo to help Qi Yue hold the parent-teacher meeting, which made Qi Yue very happy.

The teacher told Qi Shuo that their parents didn't care about Qi Yue's grades. Qi Shuo said that it was more important to be happy than grades, and he believed that Qi Yue would be admitted to the ideal university through his own efforts. It turns out that Qi Shuo's experience in holding parent-teacher meetings is also learned from Qi Yue. Qi Yue will often help Qi Shuo hold parent-teacher meetings in the future, and also warned his son that home is a place for love, not a place for reason.

In the days that followed, Qi Yue always took time to ask Lu Xiao for advice, and her grades were slowly improving. In the Spring Festival of 2022, after the winter vacation, Qi Yue came to Lu Xiao with a gift, thanking him for explaining a few questions to himself before the exam. Reciprocity, Lu Xiao gave Qi Yue his handwritten notes, and Qi Yue happily accepted the gift in return.

During the Chinese New Year, Qi Yue went back to his grandmother's house to spend the New Year with his family, while Qi Shuo stayed at home alone. Qi Yue prepared a New Year's gift for his son, but Qi Shuo opened the huge gift only to find that the gift was Qi Yue himself. Qi Yue also prepared a new mobile phone and red envelopes for the New Year for her son, but Qi Shuo found out that what Qi Yue prepared for Lu Xiao turned out to be limited-edition sports shoes, and she became jealous immediately.


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