Qi Shuo remembered the bean curd family that his mother liked in high school, so he got up early to buy bean curd for his young mother Qi Yue's breakfast. After buying breakfast, Qi Shuo accidentally found Lu Xiao. Help debunk men's deceptive techniques. Qi Shuo took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Lu Xiao, saying that the two would become friends soon.

Qi Shuo intentionally used Kaku Michio's "Beyond Time and Space" which Lu Xiao was most interested in to spark the topic, and also said that future human beings will definitely realize time and space travel. Lu Xiao was really interested and asked to add Qi Shuo on WeChat. Qi Shuo reported Qi Yue's WeChat ID to Lu Xiao, and told Lu Xiao to believe that he would become a respected scientist someday in the future.

Qi Yue woke up early in the morning and found that Qi Shuo had brought her favorite breakfast, and Qi Shuo also knew that he didn't like peanuts. Qi Yue wanted to catch up on sleep again, but Qi Shuo thoughtfully reminded her to wash up and go to school. Qi Shuo wants to change Qi Yue's fate and let her pursue her destined husband Lu Xiao, but Qi Yue feels that he and Lu Xiao are not compatible, and there will be no intersection. Qi Shuo asked Qi Yue to check his phone, and he found that Lu Xiao had applied to add Qi Yue as a friend. Then, in order to let Qi Yue and Lu Xiao meet by chance, he took Qi Yue to take the bus in the rain.

Qi Yue found out that she actually ran into Lu Xiao at the bus stop by chance. Seeing Lu Xiao give her her umbrella to her and help her pick up her dropped phone on the bus, she thought it would be nice to have a classmate who is a top student. , simply agreed to Lu Xiao's friend request.

When Qi Yue entered the school, the bear brooch on the school uniform was confiscated. She wanted to get the bear brooch back when there was no one in the director's office during class. Lu Xiao came to the office to see it. Qi Yue asked Lu Xiao to help keep it secret. At this time the director came back to the office, Qi Yue hurriedly hid, but in the end he was discovered by the director because he made a movement.

Lu Xiao sent WeChat to ask about physics problems, but Qi Yue didn't know about it at all, and was frightened by Lu Xiao who suddenly appeared and smashed his head with his mobile phone. Lu Xiao admitted his mistake and was willing to take responsibility for the mistake. He took Qi Yue to the laboratory and prepared an ice pack for him Apply a cold compress to the head.

Qi Shuo received a warning from the time ring and learned that the person of interest appeared in Qingcheng No. 1 Middle School. He tried his best to rush to the gate of No. 1 Middle School. He happened to meet Xu Zhaoyang, who was about to enter the school. When he learned that Xu Zhaoyang was banned from entering the school because of students from other schools, Qi Shuo was relieved. Come. Qi Yue, who came home from school, found that the house was in a mess, and just happened to look for Qi Shuo, but found that his father, Qi Hao, was new. Qi Haonian was about to take Qi Yue to a family reunion, and just happened to meet Qi Shuo returning home, so Qi Shuo had to lie that he was the tutor invited by Qi Yue.

Qi Haonian brought his daughter to a family gathering. He didn't know that his daughter was allergic to peanuts, and he gave Qi Yue peanuts in the dish. Qi Yue wanted to pick out the peanuts, but her grandmother was picky about her. Qi Yue ate the bowl in a fit of anger. Peanut then left angrily. Qi Shuo came to the hotel and found that Qi Yue was allergic, and anxiously wanted to take her to the hospital. Qi Shuo comforted Qi Yue that she would be excellent in the future, would be admitted to a good university, and could lead a better life, so that her mother would not be depressed because of her family's words. In the evening, when Qi Yue returned to school, she found that the school bully Lu Xiao had jumped over the wall, and she followed closely behind out of curiosity. Qi Yue found that Lu Xiao came to a dark and smelly place. She saw the sparks and thought there was an explosion and threw Lu Xiao down in a panic.


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