Lu Xiao took Qi Yue back to the place where the two met for the first time to take wedding photos, and now Qi Yue feels incredible that the two are going to get married. If Qi Shuo hadn't asked him not to give up on pursuing Lu Xiao, the two of them might have missed it. But Lu Xiao said that the two would not miss it, even if Qi Yue didn't take the initiative, he would take the initiative to pursue Qi Yue, because the two are destined.

Qi Shuo is very grateful to Deng Shuling for appearing in his and Qi Yue's lives. Whether it was when he was a child or now, he is grateful for Deng Shuling's care and company for him. Although I regret that I can't accept her liking, maybe the two will meet again in another time and space, and I hope that the two can start again in a different way. In order not to leave any regrets, Qi Shuo played with Deng Shuling for a day, and the two ate their favorite ice cream and spent a good day happily. Deng Shuling was also very grateful to Qi Shuo for being with her this day, but she didn't realize that the two of them would never see each other again. When the two said goodbye, they received a message from Qi Yue and learned that she was taking wedding photos at Qingcheng No. 1 Middle School. Qi Yue invited them to come, and they rushed here. Shuo suffered a physical problem and fell to the ground, Qi Yue also fainted because of worrying about Qi Shuo.

Qi Yue woke up at the hospital and learned that Qi Shuo was just suffering from heatstroke and there was no major problem, while she passed out due to an accidental pregnancy. Qi Yue was also very happy to learn that she was pregnant. Qi Yue hugged Qi Shuo, expressing that she was very happy, because pregnancy meant that the two could meet again soon. Qi Shuo came to the photo studio to buy a family portrait of three people on display outside the photo studio, and he took the photos home with him, he was very reluctant to part with all the happiness now. When Qi Shuo returned home, he saw Qi Yue who was sleeping soundly, and also saw the diary written by Qi Yue. He cried under his breath, reluctant to leave Qi Yue soon.

The wedding was held as scheduled. Qi Shuo helped Qi Yue arrange all the wedding procedures. Xu Zhaoyang and Liang Yufei also came to the wedding as friends. Both of them now have the psychology of adult beauty, so naturally they sincerely wish Qi Yue and Lu Xiao. Qi's father and Lu's father both drank too much before the wedding. Qi Yue simply started her plan B. She asked Qi Shuo to take her into the wedding scene. She was very grateful to Qi Shuo for coming by her side, but Qi Shuo said that Qi Yue was A person who deserves to come across mountains and seas by himself. Qi Shuo handed Qi Yue over to Lu Xiao, and after witnessing the two people reading the oath and exchanging rings, he knew that he had finally changed his mother's fate, and he had also fulfilled his goal, and finally disappeared at the wedding.

After Qi Yue's wedding, Qi Shuo couldn't be found anywhere, and she couldn't get in touch with her mobile phone. Lu Xiao handed the diary left by Qi Shuo to Qi Yue. Qi Yue saw in the diary that Qi Shuo hoped that they would be mother and son in the next life. After reading the text, she cried bitterly when she realized that her son had finally left.


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