Qi Shuo met Lu Xiao while eating in the cafeteria. He saw that Lu Xiao bought Qi Yue's favorite meal in advance. He was very grateful to have Lu Xiao taking care of Qi Yue. He was worried that Qi Shuo would disappear one day in the future. Qi Yue came to the cafeteria to eat after class, so Lu Xiao and Qi Shuo had to stop talking temporarily.

Hearing that the students in the cafeteria were going to the playground to join in the fun, Qi Yue brought Qi Shuo and Lu Xiao to find that Xu Zhaoyang represented the school in a basketball game against other schools. Qi Yue wanted to leave, but Lu Xiao and Qi Shuo stayed to watch the game out of the sense of honor among boys . Because Xu Zhaoyang saw Qi Yue, he couldn't concentrate during the game and the game was not smooth, and his teammates also complained about him. Qi Shuo found Xu Zhaoyang and gave him a card to let him rent a house off-campus and move out with his mother. This would also keep his mother away from harm and violence. Qi Shuo didn't want Xu Zhaoyang to become someone he hated even in the future.

Qi Yue was in a good mood because of Xu Zhaoyang. In order to coax Qi Yue well, Lu Xiao took her to the time photo studio, and saw a group photo of the three of them displayed outside the time photo studio. Taking pictures at the entrance of the photo studio, Qi Shuo from a distance saw Qi Yue's happy smile, and also recorded this warm moment with his mobile phone.

As graduation approached, Lu Xiao successfully joined the time travel project and became a member. Qi Yue and Lu Xiao graduated successfully. Qi Shuo took many graduation photos for them. Qi Yue is very grateful for the friendship, love and family affection gained in the past four years, and hopes that everyone will be happy forever in the future. Today is the last day of college. In front of his classmates, Lu Xiao wanted to create a small thing about love. He knelt down on one knee and proposed to Qi Yue. Qi Yue happily agreed. Qi Shuo, who witnessed his mother's happiness, also shed tears happily. At this moment, he thought that he had really changed his mother's unfortunate fate.

Qi Yue went home to look at the graduation photos, and found that Qi Shuo was not in the photos. It was a pity that Qi Shuo was not present at the most important moment of life. But soon Qi Yue felt that there would be more opportunities in the future, after all, wedding photos and hundred-day photos could be taken with Qi Shuo. Lu Xiao came with the invitation, and he told Qi Shuo that he had set the wedding date on October 17th, and he also hoped that Qi Yue would remember this date.

Qi Shuo was originally worried that Lu Xiao would change his mind if he knew his true identity, but Lu Xiao felt that it would be more selfish if he did that. Since the direction of the story has been changed, the people in the story must live in this direction. I hope Qi Shuo will leave more regrets.

Qi Shuo came to the hospital to send an invitation to Deng Shuling, only to find out that Deng Shuling had left. Qi Shuo came to the door of Deng Shuling's house with the invitation. Through the door, he hoped that Deng Shuling, as Qi Yue's best friend, could witness the happy moment of her friend. At this time Deng Shuling came back from outside and brought Qi Shuo home. Qi Shuo saw that Deng Shuling had changed a lot, learned to take care of herself, and was admitted to the nursing major of Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences.

Qi Yue brought Lu Xiao to find his father, Lu Xiao directly told Qi's father that the two were going to get married, and Qi's father took them to dinner after knowing their wedding date. During the meal, Qi’s father said that he went to school on the day his daughter graduated and saw Lu Xiao propose to Qi Yue. Qi’s father said that although he cared little about his daughter since she was a child, he would be there for every important moment in her life. Today Qi Qi Yue was also very moved by his father's change.

Xu Zhaoyang took his mother to a new place to start a new life, and Qi Shuo came with an invitation, hoping that Xu Zhaoyang could attend Qi Yue's wedding. Xu Zhaoyang wrote an IOU, saying that he would pay off the money given by Qi Shuo slowly. When Qi Shuo parted, he hugged Xu Zhaoyang, and he also hoped that Xu Zhaoyang could have a new life in the future.


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