Lu Xiao brought Qi Yue's favorite bean curd, and also specially made a love schedule. In order not to disturb Qi Yue and Lu Xiao's relationship, Qi Shuo decided to move out. Qi Yue temporarily decided that today's itinerary is to help Qi Shuo find a good house and move.

Qi Yue found an intermediary to look at the house, but after seeing many houses, Qi Yue was always dissatisfied. Finally, after looking at a house just across from the hospital, Qi Shuo found that the downstairs was where Deng Shuling passed by after get off work, and finally decided to live here.

Since Qi Shuo moved out, it was difficult for Qi Yue to contact Qi Shuo. Qi Yue found Qi Shuo and thought that he was hiding from her on purpose, but Qi Shuo said that he just needed a space to be alone. Faced with Qi Yue's concern, Qi Shuo said that she was living a good life and urged her to go on a date with Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao came to find Qi Yue and found that she was not at home. At this time, Qi's father came to see his daughter and just brought Lu Xiao into the house. Lu Xiao originally thought that Qi's father had a bad memory, but found that Qi's father completely remembered his personal information, and the two chatted about Qi Shuo again, only to find that Qi's father didn't know Qi Shuo at all.

On the way home, Qi Yue happened to meet her father who left home complaining about herself, and she knew that Qi Shuo's existence had been discovered. When Qi Yue returned home, he was questioned by Lu Xiao. He didn't understand if Qi Shuo was Qi Yue's suitor, why did he go out of his way to get the two of them together. But if Qi Shuo is Qi Yue's cousin, then why doesn't Qi's father know Qi Shuo. Lu Xiao thought that Qi Yue didn't believe her all the time, she colluded with Qi Shuo to deceive herself, Lu Xiao was disappointed and wanted to leave, Qi Yue had to admit that Qi Shuo was their son.

Qi Yue told Lu Xiao that Qi Shuo came here through a time machine thirty years later, and Qi Shuo came here to change his destiny. Qi Yue admits that she first pursued Lu Xiao because of Qi Shuo's request, but liking Lu Xiao has nothing to do with changing fate. Knowing that everything was difficult to accept, Lu Xiao had to leave temporarily and go home to think about it.

After returning home, Lu Xiao thought about a series of words after Qi Shuo appeared. He approached the professor late at night to ask about time travel, but the professor said that cutting-edge scientific theories had overturned the principle that humans can go back to the past. When Qi Shuo saw Xu Zhaoyang following Deng Shuling, he was worried that Deng Shuling would simply follow to the hospital. Qi Shuo heard the medical trouble in the hospital and thought that Deng Shuling had an accident and beat Xu Zhaoyang, but it turned out that it was a misunderstanding.

Lu Xiao took the DNA reports of Qi Yue and Qi Shuo to the hospital for verification, and found that the reports were correct. Qi Yue came to find Qi Shuo just in time to meet Lu Xiao, and then told Qi Shuo everything that Lu Xiao knew. Lu Xiao didn't question Qi Shuo face to face, and got along calmly as usual. The three of them watched a movie together in the evening. Through observation, Lu Xiao found that Qi Yue was indeed similar to Qi Shuo in many ways, but it was also unbelievable that his future son was not like himself.

In order to get to know Qi Shuo, Lu Xiao brought Qi Yue and Qi Shuo to donate blood. Qi Shuo was afraid that the matter would be exposed and was unwilling to donate blood, but he made several excuses but failed to leave. I wanted to have a blood test, but neither Lu Xiao nor Qi Shuo wanted to go. Qi Shuo originally wanted to ask Lu Xiao to explain it, but Lu Xiao still couldn't understand that people from the future came here just to change the current time and space. Qi Shuo understood that it would not take long for Lu Xiao to figure out the truth, so he planned to tell Lu Xiao everything.

Qi Shuo accidentally ran into Deng Shuling at the bus stop, and he found that Deng Shuling had been playing the voice messages he had sent to her in the past, which made Qi Shuo very uncomfortable.


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