Qi Yue brought Liang Yufei to Xu Zhaoyang's home, and she planned to join forces with Liang Yufei to get back the money cheated by her classmates. Qi Yue said in front of Xu Zhaoyang's mother that Xu Zhaoyang had lent her 3,000 yuan before. Qi Yue introduced herself as Yang Ziyun. Xu Zhaoyang cried loudly in front of his mother, Xu Zhaoyang had no choice but to return the money to Qi Yue.

Deng Shuling didn't want to leave regrets for herself, so she still planned to confess to Qi Shuo. Qi Shuo thought of Qi Yue's little love class, deliberately behaved rudely in front of the other party, and pretended to be Pu Xinnan to teach him knowledge, but none of these made Deng Shuling disgusted, but made her admire Qi Shuo very much. Qi Shuo then denied Deng Shuling, belittled her career as worthless, and believed that women should stay at home with their husbands and children, and do what women should do. Deng Shuling plucked up the courage to confess to Qi Shuo, but Qi Shuo first suggested that she couldn't like herself, which made Deng Shuling hit hard.

Lu Xiao learned that today Qi Yue helped her classmates vent their anger and asked her for money, so she must tell herself next time that Lu Xiao believes that a boyfriend's protection of his girlfriend is an important lesson in love. Seeing the shooting star, the two made wishes one after another. Qi Yue made a wish that the family would be tidy, while Lu Xiao made a wish that he could go to the future.

Xu Zhaoyang sent a message to Qi Yue to warn Qi Yue to let her mind her own business in the future. Xu Zhaoyang appeared downstairs in the girls' dormitory and was discovered by Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao told him to stay away from Qi Yue, and said that defrauding money of more than 3,000 yuan was a crime. If Xu Zhaoyang didn't want others to control him, he had to manage himself. Lu Xiao prepared two little clay figurines for Qi Yue, hoping to fulfill the wish of Qi Yue's family.

Liang Yufei returned to the laboratory, Qi Shuo saw her and Lu Xiao doing experiments together, deliberately appeared between them and interrupted their conversation. Liang Yufei saw Qi Shuo's mentality, and went to Qi Shuo privately to say that she and Qi Yue used to compete fairly, but now she disdains competition. And they have their stories, and they have their own. Liang Yufei thinks that instead of staring at herself, Qi Shuo should stare at Xu Zhaoyang who was offended by Qi Yue.

Qi Shuo came to visit Xu Zhaoyang's home, and chatted with Xu Zhaoyang's mother about school life. At this time Xu Zhaoyang went home, afraid that Qi Shuo would talk nonsense and find an excuse to take him away. Qi Shuo said that Xu Zhaoyang's mother didn't seem to understand his son's behavior in school. Qi Shuo told Xu Zhaoyang to stay away from Qi Yue, and he would not appear in front of Xu's mother.

Lu Xiao and Qi Yue walked out of the campus holding hands, and happened to be met by Qi's father who came to the school. Qi's father took the two of them to dinner. Lu Xiao took the initiative to introduce himself. Qi's father asked Lu Xiao to take good care of Qi Yue at school. Lu Xiao accidentally said Qi Shuo Qi Shuo's name, but Qi's father didn't even know Qi Shuo.

The next day, Qi Yue took Lu Xiao and Qi Shuo to the shopping mall, Lu Xiao took advantage of Qi Yue's way to leave and asked if Qi Shuo and Qi Yue were really siblings? Qi Shuo did not deny it. Later, in order to verify the sibling relationship between the two, Qi Shuo deliberately said that Qi's father was an early Alzheimer's patient, so he had symptoms of amnesia and often forgot who he was. Lu Xiao thought that Qi Shuo's father didn't even remember his daughter's first year in college, so he really believed what Qi Shuo said.

Deng Shuling went to the supermarket to buy a bunch of puffed food because of a broken relationship. Although Qi Shuo saw it, he didn't stop her, and finally paid for her. Later, Qi Shuo sent Deng Shuling home because of safety concerns, but Deng Shuling didn't need him at this time. kindness.

Qi Yue watched the drama and remembered her love with Lu Xiao. She didn't know when Lu Xiao would propose to her. She hoped to marry Lu Xiao sooner so that Qi Shuo could be born earlier. Qi Yue saw that Qi Shuo had bought a lot of snacks and came back, and expressed that she suddenly felt reluctant to part with Qi Shuo. She was very happy that she could enjoy the filial service of her son without experiencing pregnancy in October.


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