Lu Xiao's father told his son that doing academics is like being on the bench, and that he should not be distracted at any time, at any time, or by anything. At this time, Qi Yue came to find Lu Xiao, and was still downstairs asking loudly "When will I have a son", when Lu's father heard the movement and came out to ask, Qi Yue had to explain that Lu's father had given birth to an excellent son, and then left in a hurry.

The next day, Lu Xiao asked Qi Yue what he said last night at school, and said that the two hadn't graduated from university yet, so how could they think of having a son. Qi Yue said that it is necessary to have a son as early as possible, and isn't Lu Xiao curious about what his son will look like in the future? Although Lu Xiao expressed that he was unmoved, secretly he was still looking forward to having a son with Qi Yue.

Qi Yue used a computer to synthesize photos of herself and Lu Xiao into the photos of the next generation. She found that the appearance of the next generation was quite different from that of Qi Shuo. Qi Shuo had no choice but to say that the older he grew up, the more he changed, and he didn't have any photos of him when he was young. Qi Yue admits that Qi Shuo has been wronged, she is an incompetent mother and has lost Qi Shuo's long childhood. Qi Yue intends to make up for Qi Shuo's lost childhood one by one.

Qi Yue brought Qi Shuo to date Lu Xiao, and let Lu Xiao get used to life with a son in advance. At night, Qi Yue told ghost stories to the two of them, but in the end he was too scared to sleep. Fortunately, Lu Xiao and Qi Shuo were by his side, and finally Qi Yue managed to fall asleep. Lu Xiao chatted with Qi Shuo at night. He couldn't believe that Qi Shuo and Qi Yue were cousins, because he couldn't understand that the relationship between siblings was so good that they depended on each other for life. Qi Shuo had no choice but to explain that blood relationship is very magical, it can make people who have never met before, even people from two time and space get close naturally, this is also the reason for their closeness. Qi Shuo asked Lu Xiao if he would marry Qi Yue? Lu Xiao promised with Hawking's words that he would not abandon his beloved.

At the beginning of the new semester, Qi Yue and Lu Xiao entered the school sweetly together, which made many students very envious. Qi Shuo was allergic and came to the hospital to see a doctor. Deng Shuling accompanied him to the doctor and gave him allergy medicine. Qi Shuo accidentally heard that Deng Shuling has someone she likes, so she gossips and asks herself, which makes Deng Shuling very embarrassed, because the person Deng Shuling likes is Qi Shuo.

Qi Shuo returned to the school laboratory with the allergy medicine pack, and accidentally found a small notebook in the medicine pack, with his name written all over it. Lu Xiao thought that people who write like Qi Shuo, after all, he has done this kind of thing before. . Deng Shuling sent a message to Qi Shuo saying that she had something to say tonight. Qi Shuo realized that Deng Shuling might like her, but thinking that the other party was her mother's best friend, she thought that such a thing should never happen.

Qi Yue told her best friend Deng Shuling about her love process with Lu Xiao, but Deng Shuling cried because she was broken in love. It turned out that Deng Shuling was rejected before she confessed. Qi Yue went home and asked Qi Shuo about this. She analyzed that it was because Qi Shuo's care and care for Deng Shuling recently made up for the love Deng Shuling lacked in her childhood, so Deng Shuling naturally regarded Qi Shuo as a love object. Qi Yue used his little love class to tell Qi Shuo that he should do the opposite and extinguish the small flame of Deng Shuling's love.

Qi Yue held a small love class in the dormitory. At this time, Liang Yufei brought her classmate Yang Ziyun to question Qi Yue. Yang Ziyun succeeded in chasing the male god because of Qi Yue's love class, but in the end the money was cheated. Who, it turned out that it was Xu Zhaoyang who cheated the money.


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