Qi Yue invited her roommates to watch her and Lu Xiao's first drama performance, but because the final exam was approaching, other students were busy with the exam, so they didn't have time to come to watch, and finally only Qi Shuo and her roommates came to watch.

Although there were only four audience members, Lu Xiao suggested that the drama be recorded for everyone to watch. With the help of Qi Shuo and others, Lu Xiao and Qi Yue completed their first drama performance. In order to further the relationship between Qi Yue and Lu Xiao, Qi Shuo used a small experiment to remind Lu Xiao that he needs to express his love to Qi Yue quickly and violently, and also told Lu Xiao that in fact, Qi Yue is very timid, so he can take the opportunity to confess in the haunted house.

Lu Xiao brought Qi Yue to the haunted house to play, but Qi Yue was not scared at all during the whole process, and he didn't have the opportunity to confess his love. Then the two came to the movie theater. Lu Xiaoben planned to take the opportunity to confess his love in the movie theater while the movie was playing, but he didn't expect that the movie actually failed to broadcast, and the confession fell through again.

Knowing that Lu Xiao's confession plan failed, Qi Shuo decided to escort him personally to avoid further mistakes in the confession. Qi Yue's favorite movie is "Love Actually", and her dream is that Lu Xiao can confess to her when it snows. Qi Shuo bought artificial snow and helped Lu Xiao plan the scene of confession in the snow, so that Lu Xiao could play well. But who knows that everything is ready, "Be my girlfriend" written by Lu Xiao in the snow was accidentally destroyed, and Qi Yue left angrily after seeing the words.

Qi Yue felt that hinting at Lu Xiao would not work, so she decided to provoke Lu Xiao with a cold war. Winter vacation is approaching, Qi Yue is addicted to having fun and has no interest in studying, Qi Shuo can only try to urge Qi Yue. Lu Xiao didn't contact Qi Yue for three days, which made Qi Yue very angry. At night, Qi Shuo deliberately took Qi Yue downstairs to throw out the trash. He took Qi Yue to a specific place. At this time, a drama performed by Qi Yue was played on the projector. Snowflakes fell from the sky. Lu Xiao appeared in front of Qi Yue and confessed affectionately. Yue waited for the long-awaited confession scene, and happily agreed to be Lu Xiao's girlfriend. Qi Shuo at the side saw the scene of Qi Yue and Lu Xiao kissing affectionately, and he was very pleased that his efforts finally succeeded.

Qi Yue is very envious of other people's intimacy in love, but whenever she tries to imitate these behaviors with Lu Xiao, there will always be unexpected results, and the two of them often die together. Qi Shuo asked Qi Yue to tell Lu Xiao what she really wanted to do, so that Lu Xiao could understand her more comprehensively. Qi Yue was inspired and decided to go to Lu Xiao immediately to do the important and important things that he wanted to do.


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