Lu Xiao inquired about the classroom of the philosophy class. He came to the classroom to look for Qi Yue who was in class, and asked his classmates to help pass the note he wrote to Qi Yue. Qi Yue saw the words on the note, but didn't want to pay attention to Lu Xiao either. After class, Lu Xiao said that from Qi Yue's point of view, he saw some scenes that were not true. He had promised others to protect Liang Yufei at school. Liang Yufei came to tell him that someone was following her that day. And the two didn't kiss, it was Liang Yufei who said she had hair on her shoulders.

At this time, Liang Yufei also came to thank Lu Xiao for her help, but Lu Xiao said to her face that if someone continued to follow her in the future, she would ask Liang Yufei to call the police directly, because he had more important people to protect. Lu Xiao left with Qi Yue, and said that today is Qi Yue's birthday, and he specially prepared a birthday gift for Qi Yue. Although the misunderstanding was resolved, Qi Yue still didn't calm down. She went to Qi Shuo to complain that Lu Xiao didn't realize that Liang Yufei liked her, and didn't let Qi Shuo speak for Lu Xiao.

Qi Shuo came to find Lu Xiao, in order to calm Qi Yue tonight, he asked Lu Xiao to keep in touch tonight. Qi Shuo, Deng Shuling and roommates came to celebrate Qi Yue's birthday one after another. Although Qi Yue was still angry with Lu Xiao, she was still very disappointed to find that Lu Xiao didn't come to celebrate her birthday at the birthday meeting. Qi Yue, who was drunk, found Lu Xiao in the restaurant. With the help of his roommate, Lu Xiao successfully took Qi Yue away.

Because Qi Shuo was drunk, Deng Shuling planned to send him home. The two ran into Xu Zhaoyang at the entrance of the restaurant. Qi Shuo warned Xu Zhaoyang that if he dared to approach Qi Yue again, he would prevent Xu Zhaoyang from entering the Qingda University. Lu Xiao sent Qi Yue back to the room to rest, and said that he would not let Qi Yue drink so much in the future. The drunk Qi Yue asked what the relationship between the two was, and Lu Xiao said that the relationship between the two was determined by Qi Yue, and then the two couldn't help themselves kiss together.

Qi Yue came to the infirmary for a checkup because of a drunken headache, and just happened to meet Qi Shuo who had injured his leg due to drunkenness. The mother and son taunted each other about how much they drank, and when they learned that Lu Xiao would arrive later, Qi Shuo hurried away to leave time for the two of them to be alone. When Lu Xiao came to the infirmary and saw Qi Yue's face was very bad, he took Qi Yue's hand and sent her home to rest. Lu Xiao took a good leave for Qi Yue, let her recuperate at home, and gave Qi Yue the prepared birthday gift. The birthday gift was a piece of carbon, because carbon can form diamonds in high-temperature and high-heat environments. Lu Xiao also looked forward to Qi Yue I can give myself an answer.

Although Lu Xiao wanted an answer from himself, Qi Yue also hoped that the other party would take the initiative to confess. Later, when the two were dating, Qi Yue always hinted at Lu Xiao's confession, but Lu Xiao failed to understand Qi Yue's thoughts. Qi Yue and Lu Xiao came to the bar, Xu Zhaoyang and Liang Yufei were also here, Xu Zhaoyang saw Qi Yue, deliberately waited for Qi Yue outside the bathroom, and intended to harass Qi Yue, but finally Lu Xiao came to stop him, Lu Xiao warned Xu Zhaoyang face to face Stay away from your girlfriend.


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