Qi Yue and Lu Xiao participated in the rehearsal of the drama club. Qi Yue originally imagined that he and Lu Xiao were the protagonists of the drama Juliet and Romeo, but in reality they were just supporting roles in the drama. Qi Yue instantly became disinterested in the drama performance. In order to make cotton clouds, Lu Xiao asked the director to provide a watering can, a smoke machine and an air conditioner, which disgusted the members of the drama club.

Liang Yufei came to the drama club to tell everyone that the student union has reduced the budget of the club, and the drama club will also be disbanded. Qi Yue approached Liang Yufei and asked if she was targeting her, but Liang Yufei said that this was the student union's decision, and she was incapable of deciding whether to stay or stay in the drama club. Qi Yue didn't want to disband the drama club. She prepared a petition for ten thousand people and asked her roommates for help, so that the student union agreed to keep the drama club.

Qi Shuo came to the drama club to visit Qi Yue, but when he came to the drama club, he found that there was no one there, and then he learned that the drama club was going to be disbanded. Qi Shuo came to Lu Xiao and found that Lu Xiao was still studying the script of "Romeo and Juliet". Lu Xiao said that the drama would still be performed because everyone was serious about it. Qi Shuo deliberately revealed to Lu Xiao and Qi Yue that the other party had an appointment with the drama club, and Lu Xiao and Qi Yue rushed to the drama club to make the appointment.

Lu Xiao rushed to the drama club and found that Qi Yue was rehearsing hard, and also saw the petition of thousands of people that Qi Yue had prepared to keep the drama club. Qi Yue thinks that the story of "Romeo and Juliet" is too tragic. If she were Juliet, she would not care about family hatred, because love can resist everything. Lu Xiao sent Qi Yue's rehearsal video to the members, and the members rushed over one after another. Although there was no director, Lu Xiao and others decided to work together to rehearse the play.

After Qi Yue and Qi Shuo finished their dinner, they packed the food and sent it to the hospital for Deng Shuling. Qi Yue asked her best friend about kissing tricks, but Deng Shuling didn't have any good tricks to teach Qi Yue, so Qi Yue could only study it by herself. The next day, the drama club rehearsed the play, and Qi Yue played Juliet, but she still couldn't immerse herself in the role, and all she could imagine in her mind was how to kiss Lu Xiao.

After the drama rehearsal, Qi Yue also tried to get Lu Xiao to kiss her, but all failed in the end. Liang Yufei approached Lu Xiao and asked him why he didn't attend her family gathering. Lu Xiao said that she was too busy rehearsing and forgot about it. Regarding Liang Yufei's claim that someone was following her, Lu Xiao also expressed her powerlessness and asked Liang Yufei to report the stalker to the school.

Qi Yue returned to the dormitory and said that he had been working hard all day to create opportunities to kiss Lu Xiao, but all failed due to uncontrollable factors. His roommate gave Qi Yue an idea, and Qi Yue still decided to give her first kiss today. Qi Shuo accidentally saw Liang Yufei pestering Lu Xiao, and he suspected that Liang Yufei also pursued Lu Xiao for something, just like Xu Zhaoyang pursued Qi Yue for money.

Qi Yue asked Lu Xiao to take a walk together, but when she came downstairs, she happened to see Liang Yufei confessing to Lu Xiao, and took the opportunity to kiss Lu Xiao, Qi Yue left angrily. Because of this matter, Qi Yue borrowed wine to relieve his worries, and Qi Shuo stayed by his side all the time, comforting and encouraging the lost Qi Yue.

In the next few days, Qi Yue kept Lu Xiao in the cold. Lu Xiao really didn't know why Qi Yue ignored him. He went to Qi Shuo to ask the reason. Qi Shuo showed Lu Xiao the pictures he had taken. It was obvious that Liang Yufei was kissing in the pictures. Lu Xiao's picture. Lu Xiao hurriedly went to find Qi Yue to explain.


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