Qi Yue knew that Qi Shuo told himself that he was safe in his own way, so he didn't plan to continue searching. The two were about to go home when they passed by the square and saw an interactive game for couples. Qi Yue knew from the game leaflet that it must be a game prepared by Qi Shuo, so she took Lu Xiao to participate.

When playing the game, Qi Yue recognized that the masked people beside them were Qi Shuo and Deng Shuling, and deliberately dragged them to participate in the game. The result of the game was that the couples who participated in the game had a tacit understanding. The boyfriends hugged their girlfriends, but Qi Shuo, who was a staff member, failed to catch Deng Shuling.

Deng Shuling went to the hospital to visit a friend, and Qi Shuo stayed at her home alone. At this time, Qi Yue came to her best friend's house, so Qi Shuo had to hide temporarily. Deng Shuling hurried back and found an excuse to send Qi Yue away as soon as possible, but before leaving, Qi Yue inadvertently revealed that she felt that someone was following her recently. After Qi Shuo learned of this, he mistakenly thought that Xu Zhaoyang was following Qi Yue, and hurriedly followed him out of the house to take care of Qi Yue.

Qi Shuo saw a man in black behind Qi Yue. He thought it was Xu Zhaoyang and planned to attack him, but it turned out that it was a trap set up by Qi Yue and Lu Xiao to make him show up. Qi Shuo returned home and prepared dinner for Qi Yue. He solemnly apologized to Qi Yue for getting angry at her regardless of the reason. He also admitted his mistakes and promised not to run away from home in the future, and the mother and son reunited.

While drunk, Qi Yue told Qi Shuo that she had been having nightmares recently, dreaming that a man walked into the sea and was about to disappear, she shouted desperately and found out that it was Qi Shuo. Qi Shuo's disappearance these days made her very worried about Qi Shuo's safety, and she was even more afraid that Qi Shuo would really disappear. Deng Shuling came home from get off work, although Qi Shuo had left now, but Qi Shuo seemed to be everywhere in the house, which made her miss Qi Shuo a little.

Qi Yue went back to the dormitory and announced to her roommates that she had found Qi Shuo and had gone on vacation with Lu Xiao. The roommate Xie Jiajia told them that Lu Xiao had applied for a drama club. Qi Yue was curious why Lu Xiao joined the drama club and decided to go to the drama club. The agency is looking for Lu Xiao. During the interview with the drama club, Lu Xiao said that he joined the drama club because of a girl's words, because learning to try new things will bring unexpected happiness. Qi Yue took the initiative to sign up to play for Lu Xiao, and the two finally successfully joined the drama club.

Xu Zhaoyang came to sign up for the drama club, but unfortunately the drama club was full of members. Xu Zhaoyang invited Qi Yue to cheer for his basketball game. Qi Yue directly rejected the invitation and told Xu Zhaoyang not to follow him in the future. Because of Xu Zhaoyang's provocation, Lu Xiao decided to compete with him on the basketball court. He came to the basketball court to start practicing.

When Qi Yue came home, she found that Qi Shuo had just bought some fruit. Qi Shuo also told her that Lu Xiao had signed up for the basketball competition between the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Physics. Qi Yue decided to go to cheer for Lu Xiao the next day. The next day, Qi Yue specially prepared a cheer sign for Lu Xiao, and asked her roommate to help cheer for Lu Xiao. In the basketball competition, Lu Xiao and Xu Zhaoyang refused to admit defeat because of Qi Yue. Although Lu Xiao's basketball skills were very good, he still lost to the sports department by one point.

After the game, because Lu Xiao was injured during the game, Qi Yue thoughtfully bandaged his wound.


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