Qi Shuo, twenty-four years old, follows his mother's surname Qi Yue. Qi Yue often talked about her life with her son during her lifetime. The patriarchal grandma didn't like her. Although her grandfather didn't care about her, she provided her with a rich life. If she had followed her grandfather's arrangement back then, perhaps fate would not have played such a big joke on her. Since her mother Qi Yue married that person, her life was like falling into a black hole, quarreling, cheating, violence, cold war, life became fragmented, and this kind of life not only consumed all her emotions and energy, but also her grandfather. property left to the mother. Now when talking about all this, he has an expression of hopelessness, which strengthens Qi Shuo's determination to change everything.

In 2051, Qi Shuo, who was in Xinqing City, kept experimenting with time travel. This experiment was a time travel project that his professor Lu Xiao had studied for 25 years. Qi Shuo wanted to go back in time through continuous improvement and experimentation. Change the mother's fate. In the end, he managed to arrive on September 17, 2021, and embarked on a journey to change his mother's fate.

The mid-term results rankings have been released, Xueba Lu Xiao ranked first again, and Qi Yue also ranked the bottom one without any suspense, but Qi Yue is not worried about the results, she thinks that happiness is more important than the ranking. On the way home, Qi Yue felt being followed, so she called her friend Deng Shuling for help, but her friend couldn't come in time, so she had to knock down the follower with an empty box. Qi Shuo, who was knocked down, took out the bear badge and explained that he was Qi Shuo, Qi Yue's son.

Qi Yue took Qi Shuo to a restaurant, reconfirmed the identity of the other party, and suspected that the other party was a fool. In order to prove his identity, Qi Shuo told all the information about his mother that he knew one by one. Seeing that Qi Yue still didn't believe the relationship between the two, Qi Shuo took Qi Yue to Qiao'an Private Paternity Test Center to test the parent-child relationship. Yue learned from Qi Shuo that in the future, everyone would betray her relatives, the company would go bankrupt, and she would die suddenly at the age of forty-seven, and she even thought that the other party was talking nonsense. Qi Shuo said that his purpose of coming here was to change his mother's fate, and the way to change fate was to let Qi Yue pursue her future husband. Qi Yue was very surprised to learn that her future husband turned out to be Lu Xiao.

Three days ago, Qi Yue caused smoke because of a simulated chemical experiment on campus. Lu Xiao thought it was on fire and came to put out the fire. Qi Yue was hit by Xu Zhaoyang's flying ball when he was punished by the school director for running a circle. Xu Zhaoyang was a senior who was elected to participate in the basketball league in the Youth University. Qi Yue developed a good impression of the handsome Xu Zhaoyang. Qi Yue doesn't have any affection for Lu Xiao, who has a relationship, because she will always be unlucky when she meets Lu Xiao. Not only does she trip over by accident, she also uses the wrong USB drive to cause an oolong incident, and even because of this, the teacher misunderstands that the two are dating and punishes her to write an inspection .

Qi Yue followed Lu Xiao during the evening self-study time and found him coming to the bar. Xu Zhaoyang, who was passing by, saw Qi Yue coming too. Xu Zhaoyang discovered that Qi Yue pretended to be a waiter here and lied that he was experiencing life, and was almost discovered by the waiter. Xu Zhaoyang helped Qi Yue hide from the waiter's search, but it turned out that Lu Xiao was found by the waiter to be wearing work clothes secretly.

Qi Yue remembered the entanglement between himself and Lu Xiao, and firmly stated that he would never marry Lu Xiao, but in a blink of an eye the appraisal report came out, and the result showed that there was a "99.99%" probability that the two were mother-child.


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