The Empress Dowager Cixi was dissatisfied with the poor work of provincial officials who bought jade for her birthday, and she wanted to punish them. Concubine Zhen intended to intercede for them, intending to tell stories for the Empress Dowager, but she didn't want the Empress Dowager to make demands on Concubine Zhen's stories, and said that if the stories did not meet the requirements, Not only those who buy jade will be punished, but also Concubine Zhen will be punished.

Concubine Zhen tells an old story during the Qianlong period. Emperor Gaozong became obsessed with jade and often ordered painters from the West to paint jade wares for him. However, it was difficult to paint the soul of jade wares. The jade wares drawn by the painter were quite clumsy, so the emperor was relieved of his errand. Suzhou jade carving was famous all over the world at that time, and jade craftsman Yao Zongren was a leader among jade carving craftsmen. On this day, the emperor asked the jade craftsman Yao Zongren to identify the jade wares, but he didn't want to but angered Longyan. The concubine came to intercede for the jade craftsman, saying that the jade craftsman could not be killed, and told the emperor that the emperor of the Ming Dynasty magnanimously forgave the jade carver for the crime of expiring his term. This achievement is a good story. Now Yao's jade carving skills are the best in the world, the emperor is a wise emperor, so naturally he doesn't have the same knowledge as them. After listening to the concubine Ling, the emperor spared Yao Zongren from the death penalty and ordered him to make exactly the same jade carving. The story of Concubine Zhen met the request of Empress Dowager Cixi, who also agreed to forgive those who bought jade. This is the end of the jade carving story, and Tao Tang also introduced the history of jade carving in the story, and successfully completed the recording of the fourth episode of "Inheritance".

Gu Shiyong watched the third episode of the show with everyone, and was very satisfied with the recording results this time, and also approved the script of Yu Zazao. Yu Zazao did not inform Yuan Jiaying of the recording of this episode of the show. Tao Tang knew that Yu Zazao deliberately excluded Yuan Jiaying. He persuaded Yu Zazao that Yuan Jiaying was also responsible for the program's hard work, and Yu Zazao should apologize to him. Seeing Tao Tang solemnly warn himself, Yu Zazao had to agree to apologize to Yuan Jiaying.

The creativity of the new issue of "Inheritance" was recognized by the audience, and the ratings were very good. Fang Quan, the producer of the "Intangible Heritage" column, was very angry when he learned about it, and decided to continue to compete with the other program in the future. Yu Zaizao solemnly apologized to Yuan Jiaying, Yuan Jiaying was angry inside, but on the surface she could only say generously that it was okay.

Gu Shiyong learned that Wang Xining had a car accident on the way to the company, so he asked Yuan Jiaying to accompany him to the hospital to visit Wang Xining, and arranged for Yu Zazao to prepare the recording of the fifth episode of the program. But Yu Zazao said that he had sent the shooting plan to Gu Shiyong, and also asked to go to the hospital with them to visit Wang Xining. The three came to the hospital together, Yu Zazao ran into the director Mu Zongyun who came with flowers, several people invited Mu Zongyun to visit Wang Xining together, Mu Zongyun denied that he came to visit Wang Xining, but he didn't want them to see through Mu Zongyun, and pulled Let him go to the ward to visit Wang Xining together.

Because of Wang Xining's injury on her face, she was unable to host the show for nearly a month. Gu Shiyong said that Wang Xining is a member of the show, no matter what her injury is, the show will always wait for her. But Wang Xining insisted on negotiating compensation matters, and didn't want to affect his friendship with Gu Shiyong because of these matters. Because Wang Xining was unable to appear on camera, she helped to contact the recently popular female star Wen Zhou to be a guest. Mu Zongyun was angry that Wang Xining was so injured and still thinking about work, but Wang Xining said that his career was his life. Although Mu Zongyun angrily accused Wang Xining, Wang Xining was still very moved when she saw him bring her favorite pink rose.

Wang Xining's mother threatened her daughter that if she insisted on divorce, she would die for her daughter, which made Wang Xining very embarrassed. Yu Zazao learned the details of Wang Xining's car accident from his assistant, thought about it, and took Xie Yao to follow Wang Xining's husband after get off work. Shu Rong is worried about Yu Zazao's safety, so she contacts Tao Tang to look for Yu Zazao. Tao Tang believes that if Wang Xining's husband Sheng Qi is really behind the scenes, then Yu Zazao's involvement in this divorce lawsuit will not only be troublesome. But Yu Zazao proved his guess was correct with the facts, so Tao Tang had no choice but to say that if he wanted to help Wang Xining, Yu Zazao must obey his orders.

Tao Tang contacted Wang Xining and handed over the photos taken by Yu Zazao to Wang Xining, hoping that this could help Wang Xining.


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