Wan Sihua said that there was a small problem with their program, and they might have to wait for an hour or two. Although Wang Xining is Wan Sihua's senior, Wan Sihua did not want to make room for Wang Xining. Wang Xining was not angry, but broke Wan Sihua's mind with a few words and made her leave in anger.

Gu Shiyong accidentally saw the doll thrown away by Yu Zazao in the company, and couldn't help but feel depressed. Yu Zazao could not wait for the shooting location. She planned to change the plan to interview another jade carving master, but Wang Xiningque rejected this plan because she knew that Master Li was preparing for a national tour exhibition of Chinese jade carving art, and there would be 13 jade carving masters in the industry. The top jade carving masters all came back to attend, which is also the purpose of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" column group to beat Master Li and want to jointly exhibit and promote the program.

Wang Xining disagreed with Yu Zazao's proposal, and simply asked the staff to notify Gu Shiyong to come and deal with the matter. Gu Shiyong came and scolded Yu Zazao, but he didn't want Yu Zazao to ignore his words at all, and said that According to Gu Shiyong's arrangement, he will negotiate with Wang Xining about the follow-up shooting plan. Everyone waited for a long time before seeing Fang Quan, the producer of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" column, came out with a film crew. Fang Quan directly asked Gu Shiyong to change to another master for interviews, because Master Li was unwell today and could not continue the interview. Gu Shiyong knew that Fang Quan was deliberately embarrassing them, so he could only turn around and leave.

Wang Xining learned from a friend that the column team of "Intangible Cultural Heritage" spent a lot of money to buy a piece of top-quality jade, which impressed Master Li with sincerity, and the program also invited Xiaohua Xiaocao, who has the most traffic at present, to be a guest. This also makes them more topical and popular. If it continues like this, advertisers will naturally be disappointed with the "Inheritance" program. Yuan Jiaying intends to ask Master Wang to take everyone to shoot, but Yu Zazao thinks that this will not win the other party's column.

Yu Zazao is the director of Group B, and now the plan has changed, Yuan Jiaying wants her to sign to decide to change the plan, but Yu Zazao refuses to sign, so she has to chase Yu Zazao to ask her to sign.

Yu Zazao saw Wang Xining's son silently coming to her, and silently wanted his mother's company, but Wang Xining had to ask the nanny to take his son home forcibly because of work. With Mu Zongyun's approval, Group B still decided to reshoot the material according to Yuan Jiaying's plan tomorrow morning.

Gu Shiyong and his assistant A Xun were about to go home from get off work, and accidentally saw Yu Zazao crying silently in the company. Gu Shiyong mistakenly thought that Yu Zazao was scolded in the afternoon and made her cry bitterly at this time. Gu Shiyong also regretted seeing such Yu Zazao, so he had to ask his assistant to inform Yu Zazao that she could arrange the shooting content of the fourth column. But Gu Shiyong didn't know that Yu Zazao didn't cry because of the column, but because he saw the scene where Wang Xining's mother and son met and hugged and cried, and he just wanted to imitate it for a while.

When Yu Zazao saw the jade carving materials that Tao Tang helped her sort out, she thought of a new inspiration, and called Tao Tang in the middle of the night to ask Tao Tang to help with the cameo shooting. Early the next morning, Yu Zazao brought everyone to the film and television base. Concubine, Tao Tang was arranged to play Qianlong as a guest, while Wang Xining played Cixi as a guest. Prior to this, Yu Zazao sent Gu Shiyong a planning plan overnight, and Gu Shiyong even agreed that Yu Zazao mobilized all the company's resources to film this episode.

The program is officially filmed, and a day's life in Cixi is filmed with a storyline, starting from waking up, washing, and dressing, and introducing the life of the Qing Dynasty court bit by bit.


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