Wang Xining told Yuan Jiaying some past events of Master Liu. Master Liu's wife had passed away forty years ago, and he raised his son alone. Later, after his son had a car accident, he raised his grandson. Now that I am older, the studio has no successors.

The two were chatting when Master Liu's grandson came to the studio. Master Liu picked up a stick and chased his grandson to beat him when he saw the fashion trend of the grandson's dress. Yuan Jiaying quickly asked Xie Yao to take pictures of the two chasing. Yu Zazao took Tao Tang back to the company, and they found Mu Zongyun and suggested to shoot some interesting things. Fish Zazao has already started to prepare for shooting new material with the approval of the chairman. When Gu Shiyong returned to the company, he found out that his father had approved Yu Zazao's plan, and when the repayment arrived, everything was ready, and Gu Shiyong didn't even have a chance to stop him.

Tao Tang pulled the angry Gu Shiyong directly in front of the camera to watch. Yu Zazao reproduced the famous paintings and costumes of various dynasties on the scene, and explained them, so that the famous paintings and costumes were vividly displayed in front of his eyes. From these rare paintings handed down from generation to generation, the audience can see the subtle and elegant beauty of Chinese women. Everyone is very satisfied with this planning. Gu Shiyong also set the theme of this issue as Chinese women's clothing. Yuan Jiaying was very dissatisfied. She didn't want to waste the material she had worked so hard to shoot on the old cheongsam artists. Finally, at Wang Xining's suggestion, Mu Zongyun agreed to shorten the duration of the cheongsam material.

Yuan Jiaying lost the game again and decided to pack up her things and leave. Gu Shiyong thought that if Yuan Jiaying was afraid of losing to Yu Zazao, then she should stay. Yu Zazao couldn't find inspiration and disappeared for three hours this time. In his opinion, it was a lack of sense of responsibility, while Yuan Jiaying had more on the contrary. Looking at the overall situation, he hoped that Yuan Jiaying would not run away.

Gu Shiyong learned that there is a program "Intangible Cultural Heritage" similar to "Inheritance" launched. The theme of the program is similar, and it has gained attention and topicality in a short period of time. Yu Zazao thinks that it is more interesting to have program competition , she was looking forward to it. Yuan Jiaying thought about it, and finally decided to stay and continue working as a choreographer.

Yu Zaizao learns that the theme of his competitor's next issue is jade, so he doesn't deliberately avoid it, but instead asks Tao Tang to help collect information on jade. In order to ease the relationship between Gu Shiyong and Yu Zazao, Gu's father specially arranged a meal for the two of them. Yu Zazao originally wanted Tao Tang to help. Although Tao Tang thought that this matter needs to be solved by Yu Zazao independently, he finally helped Yu Zazao to deal with the reconciliation banquet. Tao Tang helped Yu Zazao choose a suitable outfit, so that she could use it to attract Kai Gu Shiyong's attention.

When Gu Shiyong saw Yu Zazao in costume, he misunderstood that Yu Wangqing wanted to match the two, and said in person that he would not develop a relationship with Yu Zazao beyond the level of superiors and subordinates. Yu Zazao saw Wang Xining eating with someone in the restaurant, but she felt that the atmosphere between the two was not good, and she was curious about it. After dinner, Gu Shiyong invited Yu Zazao to enjoy the concert together as a friend. Yu Zazao patiently accompanied him throughout the whole process. After the concert, Yu Zazao wanted to catch the doll. She was obsessed with catching the doll she liked. Yong can only accompany her patiently, but seeing Yu Zazao's persistence, he can only let her get the doll she likes in other ways in private.

Before Yu Zazao went home, he forgot the doll he got in Gu Shiyong's car. Gu Shiyong put the doll on Yu Zazao's desk the next day, but he didn't want Yu Zazao to throw the doll away after going to work. Mu Zongyun introduced Director Sun to everyone, and said that in the future when he is busy with work, Director Sun will help with filming, and hope everyone can work together. Yu Zazao took his colleagues to the shooting site to shoot material, but was unexpectedly notified that he had to wait for the filming and interview. Wan Sihua, the host of "Intangible Cultural Heritage", happened to know Wang Xining, and came out to say hello to Wang Xining.


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