Tao Tang has been supervising Yu Zazao, and even after get off work, he also follows Yu Zazao's daily whereabouts. After the video with Yu Zazao, he found that Yu Zazao was still working overtime in the company, but at this time the man who was following Shu Rong woke up, and Yu Zazao took a flower pot to knock the man down again in a hurry, and Tao Tang was also scared by her .

Tao Tang learned from the video that this person was a hooligan, and that Yu Zazao's beating was an act of righteousness. He told Yu Zazao to call the police immediately, and he rushed to the company afterwards. The police received the call and took away the man who harassed Shu Rong. Tao Tang also comforted Shu Rong to tell the colleagues around him if he encountered such a thing in the future, and he must not bear it alone. She also persuaded Shu Rong to cooperate with the police to investigate and collect evidence, so that the person who harassed her can be convicted according to law.

Gu Shiyong checked the company video and found out that Shu Rong had been harassed. He arranged for someone to quit the company's security guard and also asked the company to strengthen security. Seeing Yu Zazao beating someone in the video, he satirized Yu Zazao that he should go to the hospital to see a psychiatrist, and that he should call the police in time for such emergencies, because how could he subdue the opponent by himself. Yu Zazao originally wanted to tell Gu Shiyong about the planning of Qing Dynasty court costumes that he thought of. At this time, Yuan Jiaying came to Gu Shiyong and also proposed to do a special topic on Qing Dynasty court costumes, so Yu Zazao had to temporarily take away his planning plan. .

Yuan Jiaying also suggested to Mu Zongyun to focus on Qing Dynasty women's clothing, and in modern times, cheongsam can also be photographed. However, Mu Zongyun believes that the cheongsam was popular in the Republic of China, and it is different from the flag dress of Manchu women in the Qing Dynasty. He thought that the show should focus on promoting traditional Chinese skills. Wang Xining, who came here, heard this. She refuted Mu Zongyun's point of view, thinking that everyone's ideas and opinions are also important, and pointed out that Mu Zongyun's aesthetics has If there is any deviation, Mu Zong will be sent away directly.

The third episode of "Inheritance" began to be recorded. Yuan Jiaying's original intention was to only shoot and explain the Qing Dynasty court costumes, but Tao Tang also explained the Ming Dynasty costumes during the recording process, which made Yuan Jia very frustrated. Wang Xining brought the film crew to interview the cheongsam master Master Liu. Through Master Liu's explanation of the cheongsam craftsmanship, the audience also had a better understanding of the history of the cheongsam.

Yuan Jiaying brought Yu Zazao the filming plan of group B, but Yu Zazao did not agree with this plan. But Yuan Jiaying believes that she is the director of the third episode of the show, and when Yu Zazao has no good ideas, she needs to follow her own plan to shoot. Yu Zaizao simply gave up shooting for group B and asked Yuan Jiaying to take charge of the choreography and director work for the two groups.

Yuan Jiaying approached Tao Tang, thinking that if the audience wants to understand cultural relics, they can go to the cultural relics museum, and if they want to understand the process of craftsmanship, they can watch documentaries. They also shoot flags and jewelry to attract the attention of the audience. But Tao Tang believes that the program needs to be clickable and topical, and he can understand the idea of being responsible for investors and advertisers. But when shooting in a museum, you must respect the cultural relics and history here, and try to balance the cultural value and entertainment value. Finding a balance between the two, blindly catering to the audience's aesthetic orientation, will eventually be kidnapped by the audience's needs. And without the distinctive program features, the audience is the first to abandon the program. Tao Tang thought that he had cooperated with the filming, and left decisively after expressing his opinion, which made Yuan Jiaying who could not persuade Tao Tang even more angry.

Gu Shiyong came to Group B to visit the class and found that Yu Zazao was not here, so he asked A Xun to contact Yu Zazao but he couldn't find anyone. Yuan Jiaying rushed to the shooting location of Group B, just in time to see Gu Shiyong, and simply pulled him to discuss the shooting of the show. After Tao Tang returned to the company, he did not find Yuzazao. When he found Yuzazao, he found that she had been sitting by the bridge for three hours for inspiration. Yu Zazao was very depressed because Yuan Jiaying robbed her of the costume theme, but she couldn't find a better theme inspiration for the time being. Tao Tang believes that China has a civilization history of five thousand years, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties together only account for one-tenth of it. Under Tao Tang's enlightenment, Yu Zaizao came up with a good idea unexpectedly.

Yuan Jiaying was on the set, and wanted Master Liu to tell about her emotional setbacks, but she didn't want Master Liu to think that her emotional life was very smooth, and she didn't want to cooperate with Yuan Jiaying to fabricate a fake relationship story. Yuan Jiaying was furious at the assistant. Gu Shiyong noticed that Yuan Jiaying was very anxious. Although he did not object to dramatic conflicts, he also hoped that Yuan Jiaying could calm down and think about what he was doing, and not let his emotions affect the whole show. Set of emotions.

After calming down, Yuan Jiaying decided to adjust her shooting thinking. She asked Wang Xining to help adjust her shooting thinking. After all, Wang Xining had more contact with Master Liu and knew him better.


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