Once the "Inheritance" program was broadcast, it aroused great repercussions. Gu Shiyong and others were encouraged by the feedback of the program's launch, and everyone had a dinner together to celebrate. Seeing that Mu Zongyun has always been estranged from him, Wang Xining went to find Mu Zongyun privately, hoping that the other party could let go of the past and face himself calmly. Wang Xining said that when Mu Zongyun was at his worst, he was by his side. Now that Mu Zongyun is better than himself, the two collaborated on the show as friends to help him. But Mu Zongyun didn't think that Wang Xining regarded him as a friend. Five years ago, Wang Xining disappeared suddenly. He went crazy and couldn't find Wang Xining. Only later did he learn that Wang Xining was married. However, Wang Xining thought that Mu Zongyun only had his own ideals and career in mind, and it was natural for him to be abandoned by others. Both of them couldn't let go of the past and let go of the knots in their hearts.

Tao Tang came late. He watched the video of the show and accidentally found that Yu Zazao was not signed as the director. He angrily accused Gu Shiyong and left. Yuan Jiaying obviously did not participate in the recording of the first episode, but she was the writer and director's signature. Yu Zazao questioned the other party after learning about this, but Yuan Jiaying said that this was the company's decision. But Yu Zazao didn't listen to the explanation, and just hoped that Yuan Jiaying would return the right of authorship to herself.

Tao Tang rushed to the company to stop the mischievous Yu Zazao, and Yu Zazao shed tears in front of Tao Tang to show her sympathy, but Tao Tang quickly saw through her tricks, knowing that Yu Zazao deliberately let her aunt reveal her illness, in order to let her aunt reveal her illness. Tao Tang helped her out of compassion. Although Tao Tang learned about Yu Zazao's illness, he also knew that she was not wrong, and her talent and hard work should not be denied. In order to regulate Yu Zazao's behavior, Tao Tang intends to start supervising Yu Zazao's behavior from now on, and promised to add the signature of Yu Zazao's director.

Tao Tang approached Gu Shiyong the next day. He believed that the "Inheritance" program was a positive energy program, and the hard work of every logistics staff should be respected. At Tao Tang's insistence, Gu Shiyong agreed to sign Yu Zazao, but also insisted that the order of signatures depends on Yu Zazao's contribution to the program.

After Shu Rong was awakened by the nightmare, she planned to go home from get off work and bid farewell to Yu Zazao who worked overtime before leaving the company. Yu Zaizao senses something unusual, so he simply leaves work and takes the subway home with Shu Rong. After Yu Zazao came home, she told Tao Tang about her helping Shurong. Tao Tang learned that the excitement of Yu Zazao helping a person could last for 20 minutes, and suggested that she could help a few more people every day. But Yu Zaizao thinks the rest of the day is also boring, and Tao Tang reassures her that everything will get better gradually.

The program team of "Inheritance" held a meeting to discuss the recording content of the next program. Yuan Jiaying proposed to film the culture that young people are interested in. Wang Xining suggested that a special episode of women's life in the Qing Dynasty could be made, but Tao Tang thought that such a proposal was too broad.

When Shu Rong came to the company early in the morning, she brought Xie Yao breakfast, but then she was called away, saying that someone was looking for him at the door of the company. Xie Yao went to the bathroom on the way to the meeting and accidentally found that Shu Rong was entangled by a man. He saw Shu Rong's resistance to the other party, but the man only said that he came to visit Shu Rong, and Xie Yao couldn't intervene.

Yu Zazao is going home after get off work, she planned to accompany Shu Rong to get off work together, but Shu Rong declined Yu Zazao's proposal because of work. After Yu Zazao got off work, Shu Rong was harassed by a man who came to the company again. The man regarded himself as Shu Rong's boyfriend, brought Shu Rong dinner, and planned to send Shu Rong home later. Shu Rong begged the other party not to pester her anymore, now she can't study and can't even go home. The man knew that Shu Rong liked the photographer Xie Yao, and threatened her with Shu Rong's private photos. Shu Rong felt wronged and could only endure the other party's actions. Yu Zazao returns to the company and directly knocks the man out, asking Shu Rong to help drag him away.


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