Wang Xining's mother went to her daughter and asked her why she insisted on getting a divorce. Wang Xining said that she didn't want to live like her mother. She was a respected wife of the dean in front of her, but she was wronged when she returned home. She just wanted to live with dignity and like a person. Wang's mother didn't want her daughter to be laughed at for divorce, and hoped that her daughter would choose not to divorce for the sake of her parents' face, but Wang Xining did not agree.

The conversation between Wang Xining's mother and daughter was overheard by Yu Zazao. Yu Zazao didn't feel any embarrassment in overhearing other people's privacy, and even proposed to cooperate with Wang Xining, which surprised Wang Xining. Wang Xining came to the editor to check the material, and even sent the editor away on purpose. She saw the video of Lin Shangying's mother and daughter quarreling in the editing room, and she was very disappointed with Yuan Jiaying's actions.

Yu Zazao received a call from Wang Xining, learned of Yuan Jiaying's actions, and promised to find a way to persuade director Mu Zongyun. At this time, Tao Tang took the film crew to go to Lin Shangying's studio, and Yu Zazao planned to go together after learning about it. Yu Zazao and Tao Tang learned of the quarrel between Lin Shangying's mother and daughter from other studio staff. Tao Tang introduced the Kesi works to Yu Zazao in the studio, and told Yu Zazao by the way that Lin Shangying's teacher had always warned his disciples not to be opportunistic in learning Kesi craftsmanship. During Tao Tang's introduction to the history of Kesi craftsmanship, teacher Lin Shangying was drawn out of the topic and took the initiative to introduce the history of family Kesi inheritance.

Lin Shangying's great-grandmother, Lin Zhangying, broke her marriage because of the incompatibility between her lover and her family. She devoted herself to the ancestral Kesi craft. She adopted a little girl, Lin Shangying's grandmother, Lin Qifeng, when she was about forty years old. Lin Qifeng learned Kesi craft since she was a child, and when she was old, she obeyed the arrangement and married her husband, but she didn't expect the fate to be so short-lived. After the wedding, her husband hurriedly went to the front line to fight. Lin Qifeng has been waiting at home for her husband to return. Later, Lin Qifeng met Lin Xuexin, who lost her mother in a neighbor's house. By chance, Lin Xuexin also learned Kesi from Lin Qifeng.

Then one day, Lin Xuexin's father wanted to remarry Lin Qifeng, but Lin Qifeng didn't want to remarry and moved out of this place again. Later, Lin Qifeng's husband came back from the battlefield, but he couldn't find Lin Qifeng and moved Lin Qifeng away. From Lin Xuexin's mouth, he learned that his wife had remarried far away. Lin Qifeng's husband left disappointed, but he didn't know that his wife She didn't remarry, but was invited to someone else's home to make Kesi screens. By mistake, Lin Qifeng and her husband missed each other. Later, Lin Qifeng studied double-sided Kesi after returning home, and she always believed that her waiting husband would return. The last typhoid fever made her fall ill. Before she died, she learned the truth from Lin Xuexin. Lin Qifeng did not blame Lin Xuexin, but gave her the Kesi loom, hoping that one day she could complete the double-sided different Kesi. A challenge to complete the regret that I have not completed in my life.

The lying girl Lin Xuexin is now Lin Shangying's mother. Because Lin Xuexin was always guilty at this time, she later changed her real surname and asked her daughter to have the surname Lin for the rest of her life. Lin Shangying married when she was young, and later divorced. After the divorce, her son was sentenced to her husband, but she could never find her son's whereabouts. The daughter Lin Haishan was abandoned by her biological mother who went abroad, and Lin Shangying has been raising her up. She also hopes that Lin Haishan can pass on the Kesi craftsmanship, and has placed high hopes on her over the years.

Lin Haishan heard her mother tell about the lives of women in the Lin family, and she also understood her mother's long-term hope that she could learn the Kesi craft well and pass on the Kesi craft. According to Ms. Lin Shangying's narration, Yu Zaizao slightly modified the story of the Lin family. Mu Zongyun was very satisfied with the inheritance material of this Kesi history. Gu Shiyong also finally agreed to use the material taken by Yuzazao, which made Yuan Jiaying think that Wang Xining and Yuzazao were targeting her, but Wang Xining just told the other party that in the face of other people's kind reminders, she also needs to think carefully.


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