Gu Shiyong asked Wang Xining to do him a favor, and Wang Xining agreed after hearing this. Yu Zazao wanted to ask Tao Tang to help invite the master of intangible cultural heritage to participate in the show, Wang Xining quickly promised to invite him, and took Yu Zazao directly to discuss the matter.

Tao Tang got the information that Gu Shiyong helped to investigate, and saw the photo of Yu Zazao and his brother in it, so he contacted Yu Wangqing to find out the truth of the year. Tao Tang got the key from Yu Wangqing to the house where Yu Zazao lived when he was young. He came here alone and saw that there was no trace of dust in this room, and the house had been kept as it was before, as if he was waiting for Yu Zazao to return .

Tao Tang saw many photos about Yu Zazao's current life in the room. He hurried out and saw Dr. Ye Fujun Ye. Tao Tang speculated that the identity of the other party was Yu Zazao's brother Shen Nanxing. Shen Nanxing has been silently paying attention to Yu Zazao, and Tao Tang asks what Shen Nanxing wants to do to Yu Zazao. Back then, Yu Zazao insisted on living with Yu Wangqing, but Shen Nanxing made a rare objection. Yu Zazao had a fierce argument with his family and left. His father accidentally fell down the stairs and died of cerebral hemorrhage after chasing him out. Yu Zazao's insistence on living abroad with Yu Wangqing is tantamount to betrayal to Shen Nanxing. Over the years, Shen Nanxing has been inducing Yu Zazao to leave his beloved career and good friends. Does he have revenge in his heart?

Tao Tang had doubts about Shen's father falling down the stairs and dying of a cerebral hemorrhage. Although Shen Nanxing didn't explain it, he did watch his father die. Tao Tang found Shen Nanxing again the next day, saying that he pretended to be a psychiatrist to engage in medical activities and caused harm to the patient himself, which was a crime of illegal medical practice. As Yu Zazao's best friend, Tao Tang originally thought that Yu Zazao would not be able to understand the true meaning of love and friendship all his life, but one day he found that Yu Zazao had changed. Yuzazao now knows how to cherish and protect everyone around him better than many people in the world. He doesn't want Shen Nanxing to drag Yu Zazao into the mud pond again, the past is over, if Shen Nanxing refuses to listen to dissuasion, Tao Tang will send the evidence in his hand to Shen Nanxing's boss, friends and even the media, in order to threaten Shen Nanxing Enough is enough.

The new episode of "Inheritance" tells about the Chinese intangible cultural heritage lantern festival, and introduces the intangible cultural heritage culture such as the Shangyuan Lantern Festival, lantern riddles, and sugar paintings. Aunt Yu Wangqing and Father Gu were invited to watch the Lantern Festival together, and Yu Wangqing praised the intangible cultural heritage Lantern Festival for being very well organized. Gu Shiyong asked his father to accompany Yu Wangqing to enjoy the lantern festival, and he took Yu Zazao and left in a hurry.

Shen Nanxing found Tao Tang at the Lantern Festival. He told Tao Tang that his father hadn't drunk on the day he fell down the stairs. That day he chased his father out and saw his father died of an accidental cerebral hemorrhage. Unknowingly, Yu Zazao left with his aunt, and he was also adopted. He searched for many years before he found his younger sister, Yu Zazao. He always thought that keeping Yu Zazao at an appropriate distance from the crowd and away from those who might hurt her was the best way to protect her. Shen Nanxing admitted that Xie Hui was beaten by himself, and it was also to vent his sister's anger.

Shen Nanxing now sees the scene where Yu Zazao is laughing and playing with his colleagues, and he is very grateful to Tao Tang for his help to Yu Zazao. Shen Nanxing thinks that a person like himself who lives in the past should not affect his sister's happy life. Recognized with his younger sister, he also decided to leave the childhood house. Yu Zazao saw the golden fish candy painting at the lantern festival and remembered the picture of getting along with her brother when she was a child. At this time, she accidentally saw the back of Ye Fujun leaving after Tao Tang and Ye Fujun talked. In fact, she had already recognized Ye Fujun as herself brother Shen Nanxing. She has been waiting for her brother to open his mouth to recognize each other, but she doesn't want her brother to have never confessed his identity.

This season of "Inheritance" ended perfectly again. Yu Zaizao suggested that they shoot the theme of Dunhuang in the next season. Everyone agreed, and we will meet in the next season.


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