Gu Shiyong also approached Mu Zongyun, and invited Mu Zongyun in the name of investment and Wang Xining, but Mu Zongyun flatly refused, and finally saw Wang Xining's phone call, and Mu Zongyun agreed. Shu Rong and Xie Yao were invited to reappear at the entrance of the company. Yu Zazao saw Shu Rong and dragged her directly to the company.

Shu Rong told Yu Zaizao that he could not participate in the filming of the show. After Yu Zazao got to know about it, he found out that Shu Rong had been unfollowed by fans because of the promotion of friendship. Shu Rong was always worried that fans would not like her anymore. No one likes me anymore. Yu Zaizao persuaded Shu Rong not to persistently seek approval, but to keep a distance from the Internet, because no matter whether the public opinion is positive or negative, it will affect her judgment and creativity. What creators really have to do is to have a dialogue with themselves. Once they seek a sense of identity on the Internet, it is difficult to maintain that absolute difference. Creation requires a sense of loneliness, and the work must be the only channel to communicate with people. After listening to Yu Zazao's persuasion, Shu Rong finally figured out what the problem was, and decided to stay and film the show.

The crew of the program team reunited, and everyone decided to film the new season of the program well. Wan Sihua was kicked out of the show by Yu Zazao because of dissatisfaction, and he had a vicious mind to retaliate against her by breaking the news about Yu Zazao on the Internet. Everyone found Yu Zazao in the corner of the company and asked whether the news that Yu Zazao broke in the news was true. Yu Zaizao did not deny that he deliberately broke his tailbone for taking revenge on Xie Hui, but Xie Hui only stayed in the hospital for two hours. Xie Hui stopped dancing because word spread that he intentionally broke his partner, and his own strength couldn't keep up, so he was eliminated by the dance troupe, and it had nothing to do with him.

The next day the show officially started filming, Wang Xining was not in the situation all the time, and the filming of the crew has not been smooth. In the final analysis, everyone did not put their hearts and minds on the show. Wang Xining's absence is due to long-term insomnia, Mu Zongyun is focused on public welfare documentaries, stylist Shu Rong is suffering from cyber violence, and Xie Yao is bent on becoming a news photographer again. After Yu Zazao summarized everyone's status, he ended the meeting and left. Gu Shiyong also said that there are so many negative news about Yuzazao on the Internet because Yuzazao insisted on inviting these partners, which offended many people. Gu Shiyong's words silenced everyone, and everyone blamed themselves for it.

Yu Zazao met Dr. Ye in the cafeteria. Dr. Ye learned from Yu Wangqing that Yu Zazao wanted to become an actor, and wanted to help Yu Zazao recommend an acting professor. If you miss this month's opportunity, you may not have the chance to meet him in the future. Dr. Ye persuaded Yu Zazao to give up the program shooting. After all, keeping a fresh sense of life at all times is the life experience Yu Zazao has been pursuing. Yu Zazao never pushes himself. Dr. Ye thinks this is not like Yu Zazao himself at all. Tao Tang appeared but said that Yu Zazao insists on making shows now because of a sense of responsibility.

Tao Tang believes that it is normal for a person to have a basic sense of responsibility for society and career and to establish good social relationships. Yuzazao is like a dance school, blindly avoiding complex personnel relationships will not make Yuzazao adapt to society. Tao Tang heard Dr. Ye's words and thought that he was not suitable to be Yu Zazao's psychiatrist, so he took Yu Zazao away.

When Yu Zazao returned to the company, she was very happy to see everyone working hard for the show. The new episode of the program shoots homestays during the Spring Festival, and introduces various Spring Festival folk customs of the ancient courts of each dynasty one by one. Gu Shiyong came to the show to visit the class and handed over the investigation materials to Tao Tang.


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