The new episode of "Inheritance" filmed the restoration process of classical makeup, restoring peach blossom makeup in Tang Dynasty, tear makeup in Song Dynasty, thin makeup in Ming Dynasty, and plain makeup in Qing Dynasty one by one. The short videos released in this episode are very popular. He also became a very popular beauty expert overnight. The next step of the program is to combine the short video of beauty makeup with the brand in depth. Shu Rong got the samples and thought that literary works should not be produced in this way. She sent everyone the classic makeup styles she collected. The designer redesigned the outer box for Du Qiong's restored ancient cosmetics. Gu Shiyong affirmed Shu Rong's suggestion, and decided to change the designer and redesign.

Yu Zazao's latest filming project is an ancient fashion show, and everyone agrees. Although the program team of "Intangible Heritage" also filmed this theme, Yu Zaizao is confident that they will eventually cooperate with the fashion show company Bo. Xiang Fei admired Zhuang Yiyi's shooting and thought her makeup didn't match her clothes, but accidentally saw someone in the company watching Shu Rong's ancient makeup video. She was very interested in Shu Rong's makeup techniques, so she finally invited Shu Rong Come to the fashion show as a makeup artist.

Zhuang Yiyi saw Yu Zazao at the scene and asked her if she had seen the documents she had sent. Zhuang Yiyi threatened Yu Zazao that if others knew that she was a person who was in trouble, it might affect Tao Tang's efforts. Zhuang Yiyi hoped that Yu Zazao would take the initiative to leave the show before all this happened. Yu Zaizao said that she will wait until the filming of this episode is finished, and she will not consider this matter for the time being while she is working.

Yu Zazao found out that the models Xiang Fei invited were all foreign models, which made her feel that the whole fashion show would be a bit nondescript. Wang Xining said that the Chinese-style clothing and the tall and curvy figure of foreign models will make the picture more impactful, and the collision of Eastern and Western cultures is also the mainstream of aesthetics nowadays. But Yu Zaizao always believes that beauty is pure to the extreme, and only Chinese women can wear the subtlety and elegance of classical Chinese clothes.

Shu Rong caused Diana's dissatisfaction because of the airborne fashion show dressing room. She not only looked down on Shu Rong's makeup skills, but also threw Shu Rong's cosmetics on the ground. Photographer Zach sees that Shu Rong's clothes are stained with cosmetics, and persuades Shu Rong to change clothes, but he doesn't want Zach to take the opportunity to harass Shu Rong. He tried to relax, but accidentally caused Zach to fall to the ground and hurt his head.

Zach claimed that Yu Zazao beat people, and Fang Quan came to question Yu Zazao, but Yu Zazao didn't think he was wrong. Because of Zach's injury, the filming was suspended. Many staff members on the scene persuaded Yu Zazao to apologize to make the big incident smaller, but Yu Zazao believed that Shu Rong came to work, not to be angry, and he resolutely refused to apologize.

Gu Shiyong was very anxious because Yu Zazao was pushed to the news because of this matter. He was worried that Yu Zazao would be exposed to violent remarks because of this, but Yu Zazao didn’t care about it. She took off her work card and was about to leave company. Tao Tang learned that Gu Shiyong asked Yu Zazao to leave the company, and angrily came to the company to beat Gu Shiyong. Tao Tang said that Yu Wangqing has taken good care of Yu Zazao for so many years, just hoping that she can be taken good care of and not be discriminated against. The fish in Tao Tang's eyes has never hurt anyone, and it has never been that the fish needs them, but they need the fish.

Tao Tang searched many places but couldn't find Yu Zazao, and finally found Yu Zazao who was playing alone in the amusement park. Wang Xining wanted to take Shu Rong to explain to Xiang Fei, but Shu Rong said that many people knew what happened that day, and she thought there was no need to explain it. Shu Rong thinks that Yu Zazao has been helping her all the time, she can distinguish between good people and bad people, if Yu Zazao is not normal, then what kind of person is a normal person, could it be that group of people who just sit back and watch others being bullied, and just sit on the sidelines as if nothing happened Or, they are good partners who know that Yu Zaizao is innocent but watch her leave.


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