Yuan Jiaying, the choreographer and director hired by Gu Shiyong with a lot of money, came to the company to report, but it was only then that Yu Zazao learned that his position was actually just a choreographer's assistant. The fish in the algae was very angry.

After Tao Tang learned about this, he thought that Gu Shiyong treated Yu Zazao too harshly, but because Gu Shiyong had investigated Yu Zazao, he believed that she had given up on her biological father and chose to live with her aunt. She was his father's girlfriend, which made him unable to think that Yu Zao was innocent.

Gu Shiyong was notified by his father to come out to eat together. He took Yu Zazao to the appointment, and asked Yu Zazao to cry in front of his father before his father came, so that he could resign and find another job. But Yu Zazao didn’t want Yu Zazao to say directly that he would cry in front of Gu’s father that Gu Shiyong deliberately asked people to come to order, enslave, and bully him, and also said that he would enter Gu’s company, inherit Gu’s assets, and let Gu Shiyong sleep on the main road by the way. .

As soon as Gu's father came, he told his son Gu Shiyong to take good care of Yu Zazao in the company. When he saw Yu Zazao brewing tears, he wanted to cry to his father. They will be recorded in groups AB, and Yuzazao will act as the director in group B in the future, and the two groups will compete fairly. Seeing Gu Shiyong's statement like this, Yu Zazao had no choice but to express that Gu Shiyong has always taken care of himself in the company.

Because Tao Tang saw the investigation materials Gu Shiyong gave him, he found Yu Wangqing and asked her the original intention of being with Gu Shiyong's father. Yu Zazao and Yu Wangqing have a deep misunderstanding, and hope to understand the facts clearly before the reunion.

Seeing Tao Tang's attitude, Yu Wangqing hesitated for a while and then told the truth. Gu Yanming was his senior in the university and his lover, and he rejected the marriage proposal when he graduated. Later, when they met again, it was Yu Zazao who brought them together again. Yu Wangqing said that Yu Zazao was a very kind girl, and she tried her best to help others. She hoped that Tao Tang would not destroy Yu Zazao's efforts. Tao Tang also learned about Yu Zazao's growth experience from Yu Wangqing's mouth. When Yu Zazao was a child, his father's business crashed, his mother died of illness, and his father was often drunk and smashed things. Fish live abroad in algae.

During the program group meeting, Gu Shiyong would like to introduce Yuan Jiaying to everyone. He also said that Yuan Jiaying will be the director of Group A, and Yu Zazao will be the director of Group B. Each program will be completed by the two groups. The content of the second program is the explanation of Kesi craftsmanship. Yuan Jiaying took the film crew to the studio of Lin Shangying, the descendant of Kesi, to interview, but Lin Shangying was unwilling to accept the interview, but her daughter Lin Haishan hoped that her mother would agree to the interview.

Lin Shangying was dissatisfied that her daughter did not study Kesi all day, but instead focused on promoting Kesi culture and order issues. Lin Shangying paid attention to inheritance, but Haishan wanted to promote Kesi culture. The mother and daughter had frequent conflicts and debates about this.

Yuan Jiaying asked the photographer Xie Yao to record the quarrel between the mother and daughter. Haishan was very wronged because of her mother's accusation, and said that she had devoted herself to the Kesi business for so many years and gave up her personal life for this. Wang Xining comforted her aggrieved friend Haishan, and hoped that Yuan Jiaying could suspend the filming, but Yuan Jiaying said that the filming work was not completed, and she would continue to complete the work.

Wang Xining informed Gu Shiyong of this matter, thinking that the filming should not continue, but Yuan Jiaying said that the conflict of different ideas between conservative and development, tradition and modernity makes the filming more dramatic. At this time, Gu Shiyong also saw the negative news that Wang Xining was privately competing with his ex-husband for the child, and he hoped that Wang Xining could take this opportunity to rest for a while. Wang Xining understood Gu Shiyong's choice and had no choice but to leave. And this choice is also the situation Yuan Jiaying hopes for. She wants Wang Xining to leave the recording of the show. She has the opportunity to plan the conflict between Lin Shangying's mother and daughter, so as to intensify the conflict and make the show interesting.


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