Yuzazao planned the Zhonghe Shaole priest event. The members of the program team worked together to design the various processes of the event. Everyone was full of expectations for this event. The next day, Ah Xun received news that the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" program team was also filming Shaole, and even the band they had booked in advance was snatched away by the other party.

Wang Xining suggested to change the theme of shooting. After all, Mike, the director of "Intangible Cultural Heritage" is very strong. If you are not sure, it is better to avoid his edge. Yu Zazao doesn't like to settle for second best, but Gu Shiyong decided to change the theme for the sake of the overall situation.

Tao Tang finds Yu Zazao, who is depressed, and comforts her that no matter which program promotes traditional culture, she should be happy instead of angry. At this time, Fang Quan brought people to shoot, and happened to see the lost Yuzazao. He said that Yuzazao should leave such a good theme to a better team for shooting, and it is obvious that the team of "Inheritance" is obviously not capable enough. Mike commented that the program directed by Yu Zaizao tends to be serious about the popularization of cultural relics, ignoring the real needs of the audience. Zhuang Yiyi also said that Mike's comments were not malicious, which made Yu Zazao even more angry, and directly commented on Zhuang Yiyi's narrow-mindedness and selfishness, and asked Zhuang Yiyi not to care.

Yu Zazao lost sleep because of Mike's evaluation, so he simply got up to pass the boring time. The next day, Gu Shiyong called Yu Zazao to the company early in the morning and asked her what she did last night. Yu Zazao told Gu Shiyong about her entertainment after insomnia last night. But Gu Shiyong suspected that this had something to do with Yu Zazao because of Mike's admission to the hospital. Gu Shiyong had long discovered that Yu Zazao was not a normal person. Tao Tang was angry because of Gu Shiyong's words, and hoped that Gu Shiyong could apologize to Yu Zazao.

Although Gu Shiyong apologized to Yu Zazao, he also hoped that Yu Zazao could tell him the truth so that he could help her. Yu Zazao confirmed that Mike was indeed injured and went to the hospital, and immediately excitedly contacted his colleagues to start filming the Shaole session together. Gu Shiyong and Tao Tang confirmed from Yu Zazao's excited state that Mike's injury had nothing to do with Yu Zazao, and they were relieved.

Yu Zazao and his colleagues quickly completed the preparations and finished filming the ceremony and music session they wanted. The latest program of "Inheritance" introduces Chinese ritual and music culture in a brand-new form. It restores the process of ancient sacrifices on the spot, and introduces Western musical instruments to compete with our Chinese classical musical instruments on the same stage, which aroused enthusiastic feedback from the audience.

Tao Tang took the initiative to meet with Zhuang Yiyi and asked if she did what caused Mike's injury. Mike's biggest mistake was to treat Zhuang Yiyi as a show star, and Zhuang Yiyi is an actor who attaches great importance to his acting career and is unwilling to become a comedian , That's why I chose to teach Mike privately. Tao Tang confirmed from Zhuang Yiyi's words that she did it, and was very disappointed with her.

Seeing Shu Rong's notes, Yuan Jiaying thought she was very talented, and suggested that Yu Zao shoot more small theaters so that she could showcase Shu Rong's talent. Yu Zaizao came up with a good idea, asked Shu Rong to draw a Tang makeup for Yuan Jiaying, and asked Xie Yao to help try it out. Although Xie Yao did not approve of these ancient makeup looks, Yuan Jiaying planned to publicize and package it , I think that with the comfortable technology, I will definitely become a beauty blogger in time.

Yu Zazao asked Tao Tang about makeup restoration, but Tao Tang was not an expert in this field. Under Yu Zazao's entanglement and pleading, he finally agreed to help with the filming. Tao Tang introduced Du Qiong, the inheritor of the restoration of ancient cosmetics, to Yu Zazao, and Yu Zazao took the crew to Du Qiong's studio to shoot a video of her restoring ancient cosmetics. Shu Rong found that the division of colors in ancient cosmetics is more delicate and elegant, and suggested that the makeup and clothing of the show should be matched together so as to achieve the best effect. Inspired by Yu Zaizao, he took out his cosmetics and asked Du Qiong how the restored cosmetics compared with the current cosmetics in his hands, which made Du Qiong a little angry. Tao Tang hurriedly dragged Yu Zazao away, but Yu Zazao thought it was a good idea to compete ancient cosmetics with modern cosmetics.


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