When Yu Zazao and the editor left the editing room, someone sneaked in and wanted to steal the company's video again. A Xun brought the police to take this person away. Yuan Jiaying also returned to the company at this time. It turned out that she knew that Zhuang Yiyi didn't want to poach her to go to "Intangible Cultural Heritage" because Zhuang Yiyi not only made an appointment with herself that day, but also asked someone to make an appointment with Wang Xining, deliberately making Wang Xining misunderstand her. . Yu Zazao was puzzled that they knew about this earlier and why they let the company's materials flow out, but Gu Shiyong said that he believed that Yu Zazao could come up with better ideas.

A Xun rushed to the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" company and told Fang Quan that an employee of the company surnamed Wang had copied the material to your company without authorization, and the relevant video evidence and letter of repentance had been mailed to Fang Quan. In order not to take the legal route, Fang Quan had to explain that he did not take the initiative to plagiarize the other party's business secrets, but that the other party found him on his own initiative. A Xun said that Gu Shiyong is more generous, and all he needs is for your company to send an apology letter and explain the problem to the TV station by the way, and the matter will stop here.

Wang Xining has always felt guilty because of Zhao Xiaotao's affairs. Mu Zongyun noticed Wang Xining's emotional problems and lectured her, thinking that the program was fine, Zhao Xiaotao's choice was his own business, and Wang Xining didn't need to feel that he was wrong.

Teacher Zhao asked Tao Tang for help. Tao Tang found Zhao Xiaotao who was about to board the plane to Beijing. Tao Tang gave Zhao Xiaotao the bank card given by Teacher Zhao, and told Zhao Xiaotao that whether he was an outliner or a cartoonist, he had to endure all the year round. No matter what kind of life he chooses, I hope he can persevere to the end. Zhao Xiaotao was touched, gave up the flight and rushed back to the studio, and said that he would continue to do a good job as a sketcher, but he also hoped that his father would agree to continue his hobby in his spare time.

From the matter between Teacher Zhao's father and son, Tao Tang has already discovered that Zhao Xiaotao doesn't hate woodblock watermarks so much, but the problem with Teacher Zhao's education method made his son feel resistant. From this episode of the story, Tao Tang also told Yu Zaizao that the novel story can only attract the audience for a while, but only by excavating the warm and tender part of human nature can the audience score high.

Zhuang Yiyi found Tao Tang again. Tao Tang thought that Zhuang Yiyi could learn a lesson from this incident, but Zhuang Yiyi wanted to remove her prosthesis in public to threaten Tao Tang, and Tao Tang had to stop it. The program group of "Inheritance" held a meeting to discuss the issue of shooting materials for the next issue of clocks and watches. When they learned that "Intangible Cultural Heritage" was going to Guangzhou and Switzerland to collect materials, everyone envied each other's methods, but they also struggled to find good shooting ideas.

Because Tao Tang was absent from the meeting, Gu Shiyong brought Yu Zaoqian to Tao Tang's house to find someone. Tao Tang said after seeing the person that he just wanted to rest for a while, and also said that he would not participate in the company's program shooting for the time being. Gu Shiyong respected his friend's choice and told him to contact him if he had any difficulties.

Wang Xining brought a new cooperation. The watch company Heberlin is cooperating with the Cultural Relics Exhibition to launch a brand new series of time, inspired by Chinese antique clocks. They want to use the "Inheritance" program to bring the time series to the market. , requiring the ability to place advertisements in the program. But Wang Xining also said that Zhuang Yiyi is among the female stars invited by the company this time, and I hope everyone can prepare well.

Zhuang Yiyi and Wu Xin are both guests of this shooting. He Bolin attaches great importance to the new product release this time, and will finally choose one of Zhuang Yiyi and Wu Xin as the global spokesperson based on the response of the variety show advertisement. In order to win the global spokesperson, the agent persuaded Zhuang Yiyi to maintain a good relationship with the program team, and Zhuang Yiyi could only wait patiently for the program team to shoot.

Zhuang Yiyi took the opportunity to ask Yuan Jiaying why she chose to stay in this company. Yuan Jiaying said that she had her own professional ethics, and she would not do things like Qin Muchu herself. From the beginning, Zhuang Yiyi found the wrong person. Yu Zazao followed the director to film the story of the watch restorer Master Xie. Wang Xining invited Yu Zazao to visit Group B to shoot together after the filming.


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