Yu Zazao appeared on the camera and introduced various combs with gold and colorful Yang assorted colors used by the Empress Dowager Cixi. This is also all the materials she has seen in this trial shooting, and found that the theme is not clear enough. The current program mainly focuses on history and cultural relics, but she found that cultural relics are an object after all, and what the audience really cares about is people and the connection between cultural relics and people.

Tao Tang understood Yu Zaizao's intention. The five-minute short film introduced ancient cultural relics, looked for the skills behind these cultural relics, and excavated the stories of people and historical and cultural inheritance. The foothold is people, but the audience can see the real story. Yu Zazao also photographed the interaction between Master Liu and his sons and daughters in Master Liu's studio. They found that Master Liu did not want to teach his talented daughter, but instead taught his son who was not talented. It will also be liked by the audience.

But Tao Tang did not agree to broadcast this material. Although the material was approved by Ms. Liu, Tao Tang believed that this kind of filming destroyed the most basic bottom line of shooting. If they agreed to broadcast this material, then he could only choose to withdraw programme. Yu Zazao didn't understand Tao Tang's choice. She asked Tao Tang privately why he blocked it, but Tao Tang believed that although this material was legally permitted, it was a big problem from a human standpoint. Tao Tang believes that the human heart is the most fragile thing in the world. After the show is broadcast, the audience's accusations will cause a permanent and irreparable rift between the father and daughter. The subject lacks the ability to predict the severity of the consequences, but the photographer needs to estimate the consequences.

Gu Shiyong also said that Tao Tang was an expert he hired with great difficulty, and whether Yu Zazao could get Tao Tang's understanding determined whether she would stay or stay in the company. The next day, Yu Zazao came to the museum to find Tao Tang. She acted like a little girl and apologized by holding Tao Tang's leg in public, hoping that Tao Tang could go back to participate in the recording of the show. In order to avoid embarrassment, Tao Tang could only agree to leave with Yu Zazao.

Master Liu also knew that his daughter agreed to the broadcast of the video. He approached his daughter to question the matter, and firmly stated that her daughter did not have the qualifications to learn this. But Ms. Liu is also very wronged, she does not admit that she has no talent, she only thinks that her father never gave her a chance. Master Liu threatened his daughter to take back the recorded materials, otherwise he would sever their father-daughter relationship. Ms. Liu was completely disappointed in her father, and she was willing to sever ties with him, and wanted to find other masters to learn the knowledge of this profession.

Tao Tang brought Yu Zazao to the studio to apologize to Master Liu, and also said that he would help find Miss Liu. No matter how difficult it is, Master Liu is willing to let his daughter learn dancing and piano, and let her go to graduate school, and he is unwilling to let his daughter suffer any grievances. Buying a house and a car for his daughter as a dowry, but his son has to rely on himself for everything. He doesn't think he is partial to his son.

Yu Zazao played the video of Ms. Liu's research on filigree mosaic to Master Liu. Master Liu was very touched when he saw his daughter who was studying hard in private. Seeing his daughter sneaking back to the studio to pick up things, he said that what her daughter learned secretly was fur. I hope my daughter suffers as a girl, and I hope she can find an easy and decent job. Ms. Liu said that girls can also bear hardships and stand hard work and inherit the family business. Master Liu promised that as long as his daughter can win a provincial award, he will hand over the studio to his daughter to inherit. Ms. Liu understood her father's good intentions, but she was also willing to accept this challenge. Xie Yao recorded all the conversations between father and daughter, and Tao Tang and Yu Zazao were also very satisfied with the answer sheet. Yu Zaizao got a reply from Tao Tang that she is a good person, and she also hopes that if she ignores other people's feelings in her work in the future, she hopes that Professor Tao Tang can give herself a reminder, and she will correct it in time.

Gu Shiyong received a call from his father, asking him to have lunch together and meet his new mother by the way. Later, Gu's father was not feeling well, and Gu Shiyong rushed over to find that Yu Zazao was at home. He misunderstands that Yu Zazao is his father's new girlfriend, but he doesn't think that Yu Zazao's aunt Yu Wangqing is Gu's father's new girlfriend. Gu Shiyong was extremely embarrassed, apologized hurriedly and left.


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