Tao Tang took Zhuang Yiyi and Yuzazao to drink coffee together. Zhuang Yiyi said that she watched every episode of "Inheritance" and asked Yuzazao if she was interested in entering the entertainment industry. If she was interested, she could help Yuzazao Introducing Brokers. Zhuang Yiyi asked Tao Tang to help invite Yu Zazao to appear in the movie, but Tao Tang directly refused.

Taking advantage of Tao Tang answering the phone and leaving, Zhuang Yiyi told Yu Zaizao that Tao Tang would launch the "Inheritance" program from today on, because Tao Tang is her boyfriend. Although the two of them have misunderstandings, they hope it will not be related. people don't get involved in it. But Yu Zazao had already dialed Tao Tang's phone number, so Tao Tang heard everything Zhuang Yiyi said. Tao Tang said that he didn't even know when he became Zhuang Yiyi's boyfriend, and hoped that Zhuang Yiyi would consider other people's feelings when he made up a story next time. Tao Tang took Yu Zazao and left the cafe. Yu Zazao was curious about the relationship between Tao Tang and Zhuang Yiyi, but Tao Tang didn't tell Yu Zazao directly.

At the theme discussion meeting for the first episode of the second season, Yuan Jiaying proposed to use jewelry as the theme, but Yu Zaizao suggested that the theme of calligraphy and painting is more suitable for the show, and there is an idea for the first episode, so it is more appropriate to use calligraphy and painting as the theme for the first episode. But Gu Shiyong agreed with Yuan Jiaying's point of view, thinking that there are many calligraphy and painting works, but few jewelry shows. He believes that director Mu Zongyun can make good shows.

Under Gu Shiyong's final decision, everyone decided to cooperate in starting the filming, and Yu Zazao's opinion was completely ignored. Yu Zaozao resigned and left directly in a rage, and his colleagues were surprised. After receiving the resignation email, Gu Shiyong came to ask Yu Zazao the reason for his resignation. Yu Zazao believed that the editor-in-chief of the show did not get the respect he deserved, and she didn't even have a second to explain at the meeting, nor did she have any questions. People come to ask for their opinion. She ignored Gu Shiyong's warning at all, packed her things and left.

Shu Rong wanted to intercede for Yu Zazao, and also wanted to help persuade Yu Zazao, but Gu Shiyong was very angry because of Yu Zazao's sudden resignation. Xie Yao persuaded Shu Rong not to meddle in his own business, which made Shu Rong very disappointed. Tao Tang found Zhuang Yiyi full of food in the refrigerator at home at night, and then saw Zhuang Yiyi entering without invitation, and asked and learned that Zhuang Yiyi had secretly taken the key he had placed on the door frame to enter his home. Tao Tang packed the food in the refrigerator and asked Zhuang Yiyi to take it away directly, saying that the two had never dated. Tao Tang took the key back and told Zhuang Yiyi to leave his home immediately. But Zhuang Yiyi said that no matter the past or the present, she will always be attached to Tao Tang. Even if she abandons Tao Tang, Tao Tang cannot leave her, and Tao Tang is responsible for herself.

Yuan Jiaying brought Gu Shiyong to meet Mr. An, the youngest jewelry designer, but Mr. An was busy designing during the exhibition, so Gu Shiyong could only wait patiently for him. After finishing the design, Mr. An said that the cooperation proposed by Gu Shiyong was very creative, but another company also proposed a cooperation invitation, and their proposal was also very novel. After careful consideration, Mr. An planned to conduct a joint interview.

Soon Gu Shiyong knew that the company for the joint interview was Fang Quan's company. Mr. An believed that their programs would be broadcast on different platforms, which would help enhance the brand value. At that time, he would invite both parties to participate in the filming of the promotional activities and the stars interview. At this time, Yu Zazao also came to the exhibition. Fang Quan introduced Yu Zazao as the chief editor and director of the program "Intangible Cultural Heritage", which surprised Gu Shiyong. But I don't want Mr. An to suddenly embrace Yu Zazao at this time, and Gu Shiyong and Tao Tang, who accidentally saw the two embracing each other, are quite complicated in their hearts.

Yuan Jiaying found Yu Zazao privately, and hoped that Yu Zazao would not cooperate with Fang Quan, because since the official launch of "Inheritance", the competition between their program and "Intangible Cultural Heritage" has completely ended. Yuan Jiaying had to admit that it was Yu Zazao who created the program "Inheritance", but she still hoped that Yu Zazao would return to the company after apologizing to Gu Shiyong. Yu Zaizao thinks that even if "Intangible Cultural Heritage" is an online variety show, it is not necessarily inferior to "Inheritance".

Tao Tang and Wang Xining started filming a new program, but after watching the sample, everyone was curious about what kind of program Yu Zazao would plan. Gu Shiyong said that he would never invite Yu Zazao to return to the company. At this time, Wang Xining brought the guest of the first episode. To Tao Tang's surprise, the guest was Zhuang Yiyi.

Gu Shiyong knew that Tao Tang had been taking care of Zhuang Yiyi's family before, which made him misunderstand that Tao Tang and Zhuang Yiyi were lovers. Tao Tang repeatedly stated that the two had no relationship, but he did not tell Gu Shiyong about his privacy. Tao Tang was about to go home, but Zhuang Yiyi didn't want Zhuang Yiyi to follow him all the time. Zhuang Yiyi told Jin Yi that the reason why Jewelry agreed to cooperate with the program "Intangible Cultural Heritage" was because An Yan and Yu Zaizao were lovers before. Zhuang Yiyi investigated Yu Zazao and knew that An Yan and Yu Zazao were cohabiting girlfriends when he was studying in France. Later, An Yan was abandoned, but he never forgot Yu Zazao. Tao Tang warned Zhuang Yiyi not to involve others in the matter between the two of them, and told Zhuang Yiyi not to get close to his friends.

Tao Tang met with An Yan to discuss the details of the jewelry exhibition. Tao Tang was surprised that few jewelers would pay attention to some details. An Yan said that he thought of these because he was afraid that someone would protest. Then An Yan told about the first time he met Yu Zazao in France, and Tao Tang also learned about the process of An Yan and Yu Zazao's acquaintance.


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