Tao Tang doesn't want to appear in the small theater of the show anymore, but Mu Zongyun hopes that Tao Tang can continue to act, because now Tao Tang is the most popular character in the show, and even advertisers want to find Tao Tang as an endorsement. Will continue to play the role, Tao Tang had no choice but to agree.

In the mini-theater of the show "True Hearts for Hearts", Zhang Yuerong (played by Yu Zaizao) was dissatisfied with the marriage because his grandfather disliked Zhang's father's low official position, and his son and grandson Bojian resigned due to illness. Zhang Yuerong smashed the engagement tokens of the two families. Zhang Yuerong vowed to find a good son-in-law, and was selected to enter the palace. She is good at cooking and tried to please Zhu Youzhen (played by Tao Tang) with various delicacies during the seasonal festivals. Unexpectedly, the delicacies were sent back one after another. Zhu Youzhen thought of his mother and concubine who had passed away, so he no longer refused Zhang Yuerong's food.

During the official draft, Zhang Yuerong thought that she would be selected because of the love she received from food, but in the end things turned out beyond her expectations. The prince Zhu Youzhen finally chose another show girl, and the show girl who failed the selection had to be dismissed from the palace. On the occasion of parting, Zhang Yuerong presented a reunion cake on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival to congratulate the prince for finding a good assistant. Because of this, the prince Zhu Youzhen changed his mind and successfully married Zhang Yuerong as his concubine. And Zhang Yuerong got his wish and found the most honorable husband in the world, but he also knew that the only way to change a husband who was single-minded in the world was to exchange his heart for his heart.

After Yu Zao and Tao Tang finished filming the small theater, he took Tao Tang to Tao's house, intending to scold him severely, so that Tao Tang would never think about it again in his life. The two accidentally ran into Tao Rui at the door of Tao's house, and saw Tao Rui angrily discarding the things his mother had prepared. Tao Rui became even more angry when he saw Tao Tang. He expressed that his mother would always remember his preferences and names wrongly. , he thought he was just a substitute for Tao Tang, and begged Tao Tang not to appear in Tao's house again.

Luo Peilan came out to look for Tao Rui, and Tao Tang hurriedly pulled Yu Zazao to hide. Seeing Tao Rui discarding the food she had prepared, Luo Peilan solemnly apologized to her son. Luo Peilan took Tao Rui home. Tao Tang saw the back of his mother and younger brother coming home, but he didn't complain about it. He only hoped that his family would be happy.

Yuan Jiaying saw that the audience loved the small costume theater very much, she was very puzzled, and she was not angry that she lost to Yu Zazao again. Yu Zazao gave Yuan Jiaying a gift at this time, Yuan Jiaying dismissed it, Gu Shiyong opened the gift and found that it was a gift for Yu Zazao to show off his victory. Gu Shiyong learned from A Xun that Yu Zazao will be on vacation at the end of the first season of the show, but Gu Shiyong will start filming the second season before the cultural relics exhibition, so naturally he will not approve Yu Zazao's vacation .

Yu Zazao thought of a good theme for the opening of the next season. She was anxious to meet Tao Tang and tell him the theme. Hearing that Tao Tang was also at the airport, the two agreed to meet. When the two met, the famous actor Zhuang Yiyi suddenly hugged Tao Tang, which made Tao Tang very embarrassed, and made Yu Zazao even more embarrassed to see the two hugging.


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