Tao Tang brings Yu Zaizao to visit his mother Luo Peilan, but accidentally sees his younger brother bringing his classmates to visit his mother. Seeing the scene of mother and son getting along warmly, Tao Tang is full of envy. Then Luo Peilan was also a little surprised when she saw her son.

Tao Tang brings people from the program team to Luo Peilan's house to shoot. Yu Zazao finds that Tao Tang feels unfamiliar with his mother, and his younger brother Ruirui is even more hostile to him. Luo Peilan took out homemade food and tea to entertain Tao Tang, but Tao Tang did not taste it in public, but slowly tasted it when his mother was not paying attention.

At this time, Tao Tang's father came home. Tao's father wanted his son Tao Rui to talk to his brother, but Tao Rui was not happy. Father Tao had no choice but to invite Tao Tang to play chess together, but he didn't want the chess pier that Father Tao specially prepared to give to Tao Tang to be given to friends by Luo Peilan for appreciation. In order not to embarrass his father, Tao Tang directly opened his mouth to make a rescue.

Yu Zazao asked Father Tao why there was no photo of Tao Tang at home while Tao Tang was going to the bathroom. Father Tao said that Tao Tang grew up with his grandparents and they had little contact with each other, so they inevitably felt a little strange. Father Tao didn't want to talk about family matters, so he left on the pretext of checking the progress of the show. Yu Zazao was looking at the family photos of Tao's family. Tao Rui appeared at this time and said that Tao Tang was not his brother. Call yourself brother. Tao Tang heard his younger brother's accusation but did not refute it. He only told Yu Zaizao that he still had something to do before leaving.

Yu Zazao was very interested in the affairs of the Tao family, but Gu Shiyong told Yu Zazao that Tao Tang could not approach the people of the Tao family, which was a great harm to him. But Yuzazao believes that people are interconnected, and if they want to know what happened to others and how the world has changed, they will always come into contact with these things. Because Gu Shiyong has a personal relationship with Tao Tang, Tao Tang's story has become an absolute taboo, but for others, Gu Shiyong is also consuming them. These words make Gu Shiyong unable to say anything, so he can only turn around and leave .

Yu Zazao went to Tao Tang's house, but found that Tao Tang was not at home, and the phone could not be contacted. She contacted Gu Shiyong to find Tao Tang together, and finally Yu Zazao found Tao Tang was performing with the band on stage at the bar. Yu Zazao finally sent Tao Tang home to rest, and learned about Tao Tang's past from Gu Shiyong who came later. When Tao Tang lived in Japan with his parents when he was young, he was kidnapped and stayed in a confined space for seven days before being rescued. Later, when he returned to China, his parents found that he was sometimes helpless looking at the sky, and sometimes he was irritable and uncontrollable. After repeated treatments, Tao Tang's condition remained unchanged. Later, Tao Tang's grandparents took him away to continue treatment, and he got better.

The picture of Tao Tang in the bar was posted on the Internet, and the editor thought that if the Tao family's secrets were discovered, this episode of the show would definitely explode. However, Yu Zazao did not use the video recorded at Tao's house. Seeing that Yu Zazao voluntarily gave up the material, Tao Tang directly took Yu Zazao away and asked why. Tao Tang learned that Yu Zazao had deleted the materials he had worked so hard to shoot, and thought that his family affairs did not need to affect the recording of the program group, but Yu Zazao said that he didn't like Luo Peilan. Although the program team of "Intangible Cultural Heritage" prepared a full banquet, Yu Zazao said that she decided to prepare to shoot seasonal dishes.


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