Sister Lili was very satisfied with the filming of the commercial, and also praised Yu Zazao's performance. Master Qiu Tai left angrily because the program group was not serious and disrespectful of Xiangyi and did not agree with such a publicity method. After Gu Shiyong communicated with Qiu Tai, he learned that Qiu Tai believed that the advertising method was a deconstruction of the traditional fragrance art culture, but Lili sister did not want to offend Qiu Tai, so she did not strictly abandon this advertisement.

In order to solve the problem, Tao Tang planned to discuss it with Qiu Tai in person, and Gu Shiyong also made two preparations for Ah Xun to contact other Xiangyi masters to make up the show. Yuan Jiaying accused Yu Zazao of solving the problem, but Gu Shiyong thought that the matter had already happened, and now is not the time to complain to each other, but to try to solve the problem.

Fang Quan came to show Qiu Tai the advertising video he shot, but Qiu Tai thought the model fragrance commercial filmed by the show was even more unsatisfactory, so he drove him away directly. Tao Tang also came to find Qiu Tai, but Qiu Tai complained that the current program lacked artistry, and even the most basic inspirational thinking was directly omitted. Qiu Tai authorized the fragrance recipe to them in the hope that more people would understand the traditional Chinese fragrance art culture. Tao Tang expressed his understanding of Teacher Qiu Tai's meaning and hoped that the other party would give the program group another chance.

Yuan Jiaying took Xie Yao to shoot a spice video, but after a busy day, she couldn't shoot a video clip that satisfied her. Tao Tang told Yu Zaizao about Qiu Tai's idea of advertising and being artistic. After the two returned to the company, they found that Yuan Jiaying was still working overtime to supervise the editing, but she thought that the materials captured were too fragmented and there was nothing special about them. Aspect. Yu Zazao flipped through the material, and chose a clip on a whim.

Early the next morning, Yuan Jiaying learned that Yu Zazao was looking for Qiu Tai with the material she had taken, and she hurried to stop it, because she thought the material was too useless. Yu Zazao brought a short video material for Master Qiu Tai to watch. Yu Zazao added the material of the spice market shot by Yuan Jiaying after the interstitial advertisement shot before, which unexpectedly made Qiu Tai's granddaughter also interested in the show, wanting to He and his grandfather learned how to make incense in the program commercials, Qiu Tai taught his granddaughter how to make incense on the spot, and Yuzao also arranged for Xie Yao to film this.

Yuan Jiaying felt depressed because she couldn't find Yu Zazao's idea. After returning to the company, she spent a whole day in the editing room, and made up her mind to cut out good-looking samples. Gu Shiyong came to persuade her to rest but was rejected. After Yu Zazao learned about it, she went directly to the editor to stimulate Yuan Jiaying. Seeing that the two were quarreling again, Gu Shiyong asked the two to meet him with the planning of the eighth episode of the program an hour later, so that they had a temporary truce, but Yuan Jiaying also vowed to meet Yu Zazao next time Fair play.

In the program planning for the eighth episode, Yuan Jiaying proposed to do a special topic on intangible cultural heritage food, and Yuzao also planned to invite famous chef Luo Peilan to restore some ancient food. Gu Shiyong decided to change the theme, and this episode will focus on painting and calligraphy. But Tao Tang recognized the food theme instead, and said that he could contact Ms. Luo Peilan proactively, and everyone learned that Luo Peilan turned out to be Tao Tang's mother. Because Tao Tang was going to take the program team to interview his mother Luo Peilan in the afternoon, he was not in the state when the program was recorded in the morning, and everyone noticed his abnormality.


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