Yu Zazao led the staff of Group B to follow the photography master Qiu Tai. He planned to follow him to find incense materials, but he didn't want the staff to exert too much energy and complained. Instead, Yu Zazao had a good adaptability and could keep up with Shang Qiu. Ty's physical strength.

Team B successfully completed the filming of the program and returned to the company. Xie Yao was in a bad mood because he was too tired. Yuan Jiaying returned to the company and said that Gu Shiyong assigned the simple shooting task to group B. Yu Zaizao thought that there was something wrong with Yuan Jiaying's shooting task, but Yuan Jiaying insisted that her shooting went smoothly.

Gu Shiyong called Yuan Jiaying and Yu Zazao to the office, expressing dissatisfaction with the people from the advertising company, but Yuan Jiaying said that she had persuaded Wang Xining for a long time, and she was unwilling to participate in the filming of this interstitial advertisement. Now that this matter has been deliberately spread by people with good intentions, Gu Shiyong arranged for Yu Zazao to deal with the matter in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Yu Zazao couldn't reach Wang Xining on the phone, and couldn't find anyone when she came to her house. She contacted Mu Zongyun many times but couldn't get in touch, so she could only notify him on WeChat to go to the studio on time tomorrow morning. Tao Tang specially brought dinner to Yu Zazao, who was working overtime, and saw Yu Zazao researching spices, and learned that she planned to understand the research of spices, so that he could design an advertising plan and successfully retain the other party's advertising sponsorship.

Gu Shiyong came to tell Yu Zazao that tomorrow Mu Zongyun and the advertiser will come to the shooting location, hoping that Yu Zazao can come up with a perfect advertising plan. Tao Tang was going to send Yu Zazao home, but Gu Shiyong said that he was the one who went along with Yu Zazao, and he would send Yu Zazao home. When Tao Tang said goodbye to Yu Zazao and left, he gave Yu Zazao a gift and asked Yu Zazao to check the gift when he returned home.

On the way home from sending Yu Zazao, Gu Shiyong found that she was focusing on the gift and was in a very bad mood. He decided to throw Yu Zazao down halfway. Shi Yongzheng was in his menstrual period, and after giving him a plate of painkillers, he ran away laughing. When Gu Shiyong saw the painkillers, he found Yu Zazao's words and deeds more interesting.

Tao Tang also came to the filming team the next day. Lili, the representative of the advertiser, saw Tao Tang and admired his performance on the show very much. Sister Lili learned from Gu Shiyong that Wang Xining was unable to shoot this commercial. She was very dissatisfied with the cooperation of the program team. She also said that the company wanted to test the waters in this commercial. If it goes well, the company would like to sponsor the whole process . And Fang Quan also shot a sample, which is more sincere than here.

Yu Zazao came to the film crew and said that Fang Quan's creative commercials would not last longer than one minute. She promised that the seventh episode of the program would be dedicated to filming commercials, and guaranteed that the commercials would last no less than ten minutes. Sister Lili was very satisfied with Yuzazao's planning plan, and said that if she followed the plan to shoot, she could talk about the title sponsorship in detail. Because Yu Zazao agreed to such harsh conditions, Gu Shiyong was very angry and reprimanded Yu Zazao. Tao Tang asked Yu Zazao and learned that she could fulfill the request, but instead trusted Yu Zazao very much, which surprised Gu Shiyong.

Mu Zongyun thinks that the actors Yu Zazao chooses are not suitable. He thinks that the main actors of the show should be relatively fixed. He suggests that Yu Zazao act in a small theater. Mu Zongyun believed that the main problem in this matter was Wang Xining. From his knowledge, he knew that Wang Xining would definitely come back today, so he used the crew loudspeaker to call out Wang Xining directly.

Yu Zazao designed an incense marriage in the Ming Dynasty, telling the legendary love story of Zhu Zhanji and Sun Yuning's acquaintance, acquaintance, and love.


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