Yu Zazao specially flew to Dunhuang to invite Teacher Feng back, and she ran excitedly to tell Tao Tang the good news. Tao Tang praised Yu Zazao, thinking that Yu Zazao's performance had exceeded his expectations. Yu Zazao got the filming authorization of Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe. She brought the good news back to the company to announce. in algae.

Mu Zongyun organized the crew to shoot a new episode. Lu Feiyu took the Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe to participate in the recording of the program. Lu Feiyu was accidentally injured on the way. Yu Zazao immediately arranged for Dr. Li to treat Lu Feiyu. Dr. Li diagnosed Lu Feiyu's lumbar muscle strain was very serious. It may cause lumbar disc herniation, and said that Lu Feiyu really needs to rest. Yu Zazao said that she would strictly control the time of Lu Feiyu's solo dance in the afternoon, and then she negotiated with Mu Zongyun about the shooting time in the afternoon, and promised to shoot the script well.

Yu Zazao found that the script of the Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe was not good enough. She complained about the script to Lu Feiyu, thinking that the plot praising love in the script should be changed to friendship. She decided to temporarily change the script, and Lu Feiyu also promised to choreograph on the spot. Fang Quan wanted to know the filming content of the "Inheritance" crew, and brought the host to the Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe to secretly check the recording content of the opponent.

Under the premise of Yu Zazao's new script, the program filmed Lu Feiyu's dance perfectly. Although Fang Quan was amazed at the shooting level of the other party's program, he pointed out in person that Gu Shiyong deliberately robbed people, and also said that he had invited 17 dance artists, and the program would definitely beat them. At this time, Gu Shiyong received a notice that the TV station had read the script of "Inheritance" and liked it very much, and promised that it would be launched simultaneously on the Internet, and Fang Quan, who heard the news, would go away in anger.

After the filming of the show, Lu Feiyu stopped Yu Zazao who had left. She hugged her friend after many years and told Yu Zazao that if one day Yu Zazao left her job, she would let Yu Zazao return to the song and dance troupe to choreograph. Then the two can jump all the way down. Yu Zazao bid farewell to Lu Feiyu, and found that she had left her mobile phone in the song and dance troupe. She returned to the song and dance troupe to retrieve her mobile phone, and accidentally ran into teacher Feng Yunying here.

Feng Yunying solemnly apologized to Yu Zazao, because Yu Zazao gave up dancing because of her reasons, and she was too selfish. Although Yu Zazao couldn't understand Feng Yunying's apology, and later learned from Tao Tang that Feng Yunying blamed herself for giving up dancing, Yu Zazao felt that being a journalist was very handsome, so She has no regrets about giving up dancing.

Tao Tang is very popular with the audience because of his guest performances. Even when he goes shopping, he is recognized, which makes him quite embarrassed. Yu Zazao felt very bored because she had no job for the time being. She just asked Tao Tang to complain that life was too boring. At this time, Gu Shiyong informed Yu Zazao to prepare the seventh phase of the plan early in the morning, which made Yu Zazao instantly full of fighting spirit , Prepare to work overtime overnight to prepare the planning plan.

Early the next morning, Gu Shiyong told Yu Zazao and Yuan Jiaying that their plans had been temporarily cancelled. He formulated a new program with the theme of "fragrance", and arranged for Group A to go to the Suzhou Museum to photograph cultural relics, and Group B to Find Qiu Tai, the most famous incense maker. Yuan Jiaying didn't want to keep shooting cultural relics, but also wanted to have the opportunity to contact artists. Gu Shiyong asked Yuan Jiaying to approach advertising cooperation, which encouraged Yuan Jiaying.

Tao Tang and Yu Zazao's couple CP is very popular on the Internet, he does not dislike this moment, but is very happy to form a CP with Yu Zazao. The advertiser named Wang Xining to shoot the advertisement, but Wang Xining refused to shoot. After Yuan Jiaying learned about it, she learned that Wang Xining had a perfume advertisement on her body, so she could not accept advertisements for similar products. Mu Zongyun was also very angry at this time, and directly drove Wang Xining away with a few words.


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