When Yuan Jiaying came to the Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe, she happened to see Lu Feiyu who was rehearsing the dance alone. She quietly watched such an elegant Guofeng dance. At this time, Fang Quan also came to the dance room. He praised Lu Feiyu who was dancing. Quan praised Lu Feiyu and wanted to invite him to participate in the recording of "Intangible Cultural Heritage", but Lu Feiyu was unwilling to participate in the program to promote the dance troupe. She believed that the audience's applause off the stage was the greatest recognition for their dancers.

Tao Tang contacted Yu Wangqing to learn about the past between Yu Zazao and Lu Feiyu. At that time, Yu Wangqing was busy with his career and entrusted Yu Zazao to his teacher Feng Yunying, because Yu Zazao was very talented in dancing. Ying has always cultivated her very much. Later, because of an accident, Yu Zazao gave up dancing and turned against Lu Feiyu. Yu Wangqing hopes that Tao Tang will personally ask Yu Zazao about the accident that year, but she does not intend to tell directly.

Yuan Jiaying came to talk to Lu Feiyu about the cooperation of the show. She persuaded Lu Feiyu to agree to the show on the grounds that the show team supported Huihui, who was injured in dancing, but Fang Quan also came to invite Lu Feiyu again at this time. She can help Huihui better, but she chooses to participate in the recording of "Intangible Cultural Heritage". Yuan Jiaying was unwilling to give up this opportunity, but Gu Shiyong knew that to untie the bell, the person who tied the bell had to tie the bell, and this matter still required the cooperation of Yu Zazao.

Gu Shiyong went back to the company to find Yu Zazao, but Yu Zazao always explained that she and Lu Feiyu had no conflicts. Gu Shiyong wanted Yu Zazao to leave the company temporarily for a month, because as long as Yu Zazao was in the company, Lu Feiyu would never Agree to record the program, but Yuzazao is not willing.

Tao Tang approached Lu Feiyu and asked her why she parted ways with her good friend Yu Zazao. At that time, Lu Feiyu admired Yu Zazao's tenacity in dancing and became very good friends with her. They also agreed to revive classical dance together. But then Yu Zazao fell in love with the psychiatrist Dr. Ye, and later he couldn't care less about dancing. Yu Zazao missed rehearsals again and again, even important performances and competitions, and later left school forever because of a minor injury and gave up dancing. Yu Zaizao, who gave up so lightly, made Lu Feiyu think that she was not worthy of talking about art, and would not choose to cooperate with her to record a program.

Mu Zongyun asked Yu Zazao for a shooting plan, but he didn't want Yu Zazao not only not in the company, but also unable to contact him. Wang Xining learned of Yu Zazao's plan and asked Mu Zongyun to postpone the shooting plan for two days. Feng Yunying came to the dance studio to visit Lu Feiyu, and she talked about it being her own fault that Yu Zazao gave up dancing. Back then, Feng Yunying was very proud of teaching Yu Zaizao, who was smart and hardworking, but later she found that Yu Zazao couldn't understand people's emotions, let alone the soul of dancing characters. Later, Dr. Ye appeared, and Feng Yunying also hoped that Dr. Ye could let Yu Zazao slowly come out of his own world, and have the sensitive and delicate heart of a dancer. At this time Tao Tang also came to the dance studio, hoping that Feng Yunying could tell Lu Feiyu the real reason.

Feng Yunying said that Yu Zazao had an inescapable responsibility for giving up dancing. At that time, Lu Feiyu was more talented than Yu Zazao, but because of her rich background, she did not work as hard as Yu Zazao. She was loved by her parents and her life was the most painful Perhaps the most important thing is to practice dancing, so she always has a lovely smile on her face. Tao Tang explained that Feng Yunying found out that Lu Feiyu also had a good impression of Dr. Ye, so she misunderstood that Yu Zazao and Dr. Ye were getting closer, and also made Lu Feiyu feel sad because he was neglected by his crush and abandoned by his best friend. Feeling. Feng Yunying hoped to stimulate the aggressiveness of Yu Zazao and Lu Feiyu, but he didn't want this to stimulate another student.

Xie Hui has always been Lu Feiyu's partner, but Feng Yunying asked Xie Hui to partner with Yu Zazao. Xie Hui repeatedly asked Feng Yunying to change his mind but was rejected, Xie Hui held a grudge. During a practice, Yu Zazao was deliberately dropped, causing the fish to be injured and unable to dance anymore. Yu Zazao forgave him because he thanked his parents for his plea, and agreed not to bring up the matter again. This is why everyone didn't know that Yu Zazao gave up dancing.


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