Tao Tang asked Yang Xuan whether all the works in the exhibition were made by herself, but why they were published in the name of Yang Wan. Yang Wan wanted to leave and fell from the chair. At this time, Mr. Xiao came to comfort Yang Wan in time. After Wan fell asleep, he told Tao Tang and Yu Zazao about the past.

When Yang Xuan and Yang Wan climbed the mountain together, Yang Wan sprained her ankle. Yang Xuan tried to find the way but never came back. Finally, she found her belongings under a mountain stream dozens of meters away. Since then, Yang Wan has blamed herself very much, and often hides alone in this isolated room to make porcelain. Yu Zazao wanted to find some clues in the room, but Mr. Xiao hurriedly stopped him, so Tao Tang had to take Yu Zazao and leave here.

Gu Shiyong criticized Yu Zazao after learning what she had done. Tao Tang said that it was the isolated room he went to first, and he was responsible for this matter, so Gu Shiyong should not blame Yu Zazao. Gu Shiyong received a temporary call and rushed to the set with Yu Zazao. Yuan Jiaying said that because of Wenzhou's delay in coming, she gave an ultimatum, but she didn't expect that the other party would not come directly. Gu Shiyong didn't blame Yuan Jiaying, because Wen Zhou didn't abide by the contract first.

Wang Xining learned that Fang Quan had robbed Wen Zhou at a high price, so she rushed to the set to ask if the crew had found a replacement guest. Gu Shiyong contacted a replacement guest and found that there was no suitable star to replace Wen Zhou. Yu Zazao looked carefully at the exhibited porcelain, and she had a bright idea. The script written and directed by Yu Zaizao is based on the love story between Zhu Jianshen, Emperor Chenghua of the Ming Dynasty, and his concubine Wan Zhener, leading to the explanation of porcelain.

Tao Tang found out that Yu Zazao took a discarded photo in Yang Wan's studio, and he planned to bring Yu Zazao to the door to apologize. The program was discussing the theme of the next program. Yuan Jiaying said that the feedback from the small historical theater was very good. It did not distort history, nor did it vilify positive characters. Yuan Jiaying proposed to shoot Suzhou gardens, but instead of Yu Zazao, she proposed to shoot Chinese classical dances.

Tao Tang took Gu Shiyong and Yuan Jiaying to meet Miss Lu, the chief dancer of the Guofeng Song and Dance Troupe. Miss Lu learned of the program invitation and said that if time permits, their dance troupe can cooperate with the filming of the program group. Ms. Lu met the choreographer Yu Zazao, because they knew each other, and she was very concerned that Yu Zazao gave up halfway through learning dance, thinking that she had no sense of responsibility for people and things, so she rejected the invitation of the show.

Yuan Jiaying asked Yu Zazao and Lu Feiyu what the festival was, but Yu Zazao only said that the two had learned to dance together, and there was no festival. Yuan Jiaying didn't believe it. Seeing that she couldn't understand the reason for Lu Feiyu's refusal to cooperate through Yuzazao, she said that she was the director of this program alone, and she also said that she would definitely let Lu Feiyu agree to the recording of this program.

When Yu was learning dance in Zao, she was reprimanded by the teacher for not being able to bring personal feelings into it. She practiced dancing alone late at night, trying to dance beyond the feeling the teacher needed, but in the end she accidentally injured her ankle. Knowing that she was practicing dancing alone, Lu Feiyu came to help her deal with her foot injury with wound medicine. At that time, the two sisters had a very good relationship.


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