Wang Xining single-handedly stopped her husband Sheng Qi's car and threw the photos to him. Wang Xining also said that the divorce process is still going on. She has thousands of photos and 1T videos of Sheng Qi in her hands. Wang Xining does not want her son to be on the Internet when he grows up. Seeing the scandal of his biological father, he doesn't want his son to grow up under the strange eyes of others. Wang Xining asked to take his son with him and asked Sheng Qi to agree to the divorce conditions proposed by the lawyer. Sheng Qi had no choice but to agree to Wang Xining's request for the sake of reputation and image.

The content of the new episode of "Inheritance" is porcelain. Yuan Jiaying hopes to make a special topic on Tang Sancai in the exhibition, and asks Professor Tao Tang for help. She misunderstands that Tao Tang is dating Yu Zazao. Tao Tang denies this rumor and agrees. Help her make Tang Sancai theme.

Mu Zongyun brought Yu Zazao and others to interview porcelain master Yang Wan. Mr. Xiao brought Yu Zazao to learn about the porcelain in the studio. This person is also the childhood sweetheart of Master Yang Wan. Yang Wan asked Mr. Xiao to accept the interview, while she continued to explain the porcelain exhibited in the studio to Yu Zazao. Because Yang Wan was busy with work, she had to postpone the time for her personal interview.

Tao Tang also came to the studio. Yu Zazao told Tao Tang that some of the porcelain in the exhibition were not Yang Wan's works. This was the answer she judged intuitively, but Tao Tang thought this judgment was too arbitrary, because the artist may have changeable styles. , and cannot judge the matter based on intuition.

Yu Zazao has always believed in her intuition. She secretly searched for the studio room, trying to find some answers, but was unexpectedly blocked by Mr. Xiao. Yu Zaizao said that he just wanted to know more about the azure-glazed porcelain bowl in the exhibition room. This work is quite different from Yang Wan's work. Tao Tang was also curious about what happened when Yang Wan made this work. Mr. Xiao took out a photo and told them that Yang Wan once had a twin sister, Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan was very talented in making porcelain, but unfortunately Yang Xuan Died unexpectedly while climbing a mountain eight years ago. In order to commemorate her younger sister, Yang Wan turned to study Ru Kiln. Although Yang Wan's appearance is the same as Yang Xuan's, it is completely opposite in other places. Yang Wan always felt that in her father's heart, she was still inferior to her younger sister who died young. After her younger sister passed away, Yang Wan couldn't get out and locked herself in the studio. It was also during that time that she made this piece of azure glazed porcelain Bowl, this work buries all Yang Wan's longing for Yang Xuan.

Gu Shiyong complained that Tao Tang declined his invitation to play. Tao Tang saw Gu Shiyong inquiring about his personal affairs, so he had to agree to play with him tomorrow night. At Tao Tang's request, Gu Shiyong invited Yang Wan to have a dinner together. Hearing that Mr. Huang Lao, a master of ancient porcelain, was also present, Yang Wan agreed to attend the dinner.

While everyone in the studio was having dinner, Tao Tang took Yu Zazao into the private room of the studio, where they met Yang Xuan who was still alive.


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