Due to her childhood experience and severe lack of love, Yu Zazao reacted silently to everything, but she wanted to be an upright and kind person since she was a child, so she also grew up to be a beautiful and kind girl.

The director of the Suzhou Museum recommended Tao Tang, a young expert on cultural relics, to be a consultant for the new program. He also hoped that he and the producer Gu Shiyong could successfully produce the "Inheritance" program. Gu Shiyong brought Tao Tang to the interview site for the recruitment of directors, hoping that he could help with the interview. Yu Zaizao also came to prepare for the interview with her resume. She was recommended by Tao Tang's father. Although it was inconvenient for Gu Shiyong to refuse his father's recommendation, he brought Tao Tang with him, hoping that Tao Tang could see her after the interview. According to the results of the interview, report to the chairman that the recommended personnel are unqualified. Director Mu Zongyun also saw that Yu Zazao did not send his previous works in advance, and thought that this person has no talent background.

Yu Zazao entered the formal interview session. At first, Mu Zongyun admired her serious attitude towards work, so Gu Shiyong had no choice but to interrupt the conversation between the two, and directly called the next interviewer, You Mei, to interview together. Zazao directly stated that she had seen this Yumi lady ruin a waiter's job because of a spilled cup of coffee in a part-time coffee shop, and Yumi strongly denied it. And Gu Shiyong also said that they are more interested in the interviewer's personal editing and directing ability, rather than judging who is right and who is wrong.

But Yu Zazao calmly analyzed the camera settings of the coffee shop, so the fact that Ms. Yumi was wrong is irrefutable. There is no distinction between high and low in work. How will a director who treats others so contemptuously deal with all kinds of interviewees in the future. Cultural programs are not only works, but also an art. Yu Zaizao believes that the quality of practitioners is also very important. Yu Zazao missed the registration before, and she hoped that all the interviewers could take a look at her work and decide that she is the most suitable candidate.

Gu Shiyong is still dissatisfied with Yuzazao, but Tao Tang and Mu Zongyun are very satisfied with Yuzazao after reading the work, and both agree to her entry. Tao Tang thinks that Gu Shiyong is prejudiced against Yuzazao. After Yu Zazao got acquainted with the company, she successfully joined the company, and she met her new work partner Xie Yao.

Mu Zongyun started the recording of the program, and unexpectedly discovered that the host of the program was Wang Xining. Both of them recognized each other, but they chose to ignore each other. Exposing the old background, looking at each other is not pleasing to the eye. During the recording of the program, Tao Tang and the host Wang Xining introduced the filigree inlay treasures of the Qing Dynasty and Ming Dynasty in turn, and the two cooperated perfectly.

Yu Zazao was assigned to visit Master Liu with filigree inlays, but she found that the process of interviewing Master Liu was too streamlined, and she also knew that if the video produced according to this streamlined process would definitely not satisfy director Mu Zongyun, then wait for her own It's just resignation. Photographer Xie Yao was also dissatisfied with the shooting results, Yu Zazao asked Xie Yao to leave temporarily and come back in an hour. Yu Zaizao expressed interest in filigree inlay and wanted to visit Master Liu's shop, and Master Liu naturally satisfied her request.

Yu Zazao wanted to ask Master Liu's daughter some questions, but Tao Tang came here to help after finishing the filming mission, and just helped her answer the questions. Master Liu introduced Tao Tang's new work, Golden Silk Wing Crown. At this time, photographer Xie Yao came back, and Yu Zazao just let him take pictures of Master Liu's introduction of his favorite work, Golden Silk Wing Crown.

At the end of the filming, Yu Zaizao is very grateful to Tao Tang for his help today, but he also hopes that the understanding Tao Tang can do him a small favor. Mu Zongyun, Wang Xining, Gu Shiyong, Tao Tang and others watched the trial video together. Mu Zongyun was picky about Wang Xining's hosting issue. In order to change the topic, Gu Shiyong suggested that everyone watch the video filmed by Yu Zazao today.


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